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Indexed Links to All 2006 Articles

Maybe I’m Wrong about the ACLU
But Maybe I’m Not Wrong About The ACLU
How Much Did the ACLU Get From YOU Today?
Is The ACLU Starting A Crackup?

America the Beautiful
Midwinter Boating and Birding In Florida
A World Without America By Peter Brookes
Some Good News Again For A Change
Dinner With the Bushes By Ben Stein

Some Random Thoughts While On Percocet
Defending Our Culture From Within and Without

Eminent Domain
Justice Alito Is Not Enough
UPDATE: N.H. town rejects plan to evict Souter
On the Matter of Justice Souter’s House
The ‘Specter’ of condemnation hangs over all property
The Kelo Decision and President Bush
Theft Through Eminent Domain Takes a Big Hit
A Florida County Shows the Stupidity of Kelo v. New London

Finally, After the Apocalypse, Comes the Nuclear/Hydrogen Age
Oil, Our Lifeblood and Our Worst Nightmare
$50 Per Gallon Gas and Chaos Around the Corner
So The Price Of Gas Is Starting To Hurt
The Republicans Cover Themselves With Glory?
Gulf Oil, Hypocrisy and Military Bases
Maybe Biofuels Are Not An Answer
Some Greens Are Seeing the Nuclear Light
Clinton Shills For Bad Energy Policy (A Follow-Up)
Again, Biofuels Are a Foolish Diversion

Global Warming
Some Realism in the Global Warming Controversy
Being Unpopular about Global Warming - a guest editorial by Mason P. Wilson
Oh Please, Stop With the Global Warming Nonsense
Some Really Inconvenient Truths

Liberals vs. Conservatives
A Test of Fitness to Judge
Leftist Propaganda and Lies About Saddam and Halliburton
Three Real and Growing Threats to Our Free Speech
Liberals, Try This Just For the Sake of Argument
Yes I Do Have Friends Who Are Liberals
I Love Judge Judy
Now the Clintonistas Want War
A Few More Conservative Points
Israel's War Separates Decent Left From Indecent Left
No Saddam-Osama Connection? Another Leftist Myth Destroyed
Commit Suicide Says the Times As Israel Fights for Its Life
The Fraud of the Horrendous Flight 93 Memorial
Can You Be a Leftist and Not Be an AntiSemite?
My Anger Grows Deeper and Deeper
An Incredible Column by Michael Barone
Olmert A Chilling Example of Democrat Leadership
A Letter to the Organizers of the Flight 93 Memorial
Carter Appointee Gives Special Rights to Americans She Kills
Professor William O. Beeman
I Really Detest Leftist Philosophy
More Good News; Someone Is Listening
Are Extremist Environmentalists Mass Murderers?
More Hijacking of 9/11 Memorials
Please Don’t Use Rough Interrogation Unless the Bomb Might Be Near Me
Attacking the Cancer of Anti-American Liberalism
No Apologies Here; No Fleas on These Dogs
Unfortunately, This Is What Leftists Do
Shut Up, You Right Wing Extremist Nut
9-11 Republicans Are Most Welcome
Lynne Stewart Proves President Bush Is Right
The University of Michigan vs. The People
Well What Do You Know, I Was Right About Conservative Giving
Where Have All My Reasonable Liberals Gone?
What Determines Whether You Are A Liberal or A Conservative
O’Reilly Calls Them Secular Progressives; I call Them Soreheads and Whiners
Bored With Press Bias Stories? Read This!

Summing Up Some Politically Incorrect Positions
A Fish With Feet?
Not Interested or Sick of Darwinism Debates?
Honk If You Didn’t Descend From A Fish

Some Neat Cartoons and More
Mario Lemieux, A Canadian and American Hero
Yonaguni, An Incredible Discovery Near Japan
The Three Easy Questions To Save a Life
Another Way to Make Your Web Surfing Easier
We Need To Start Over With The UN
In Hockey, As In Basketball, Sharp Teamwork Can Be Elusive
Will The Game of Hockey Make It? Tune In Tonight
Whither Social Security?
What About That UN Station in Lebanon?
Selected July, 2006 Cartoons
Mike Wallace Meets Der Fuhrer
A Bloody Red Sox-Yankees Weekend
The United Nations Is a Fraud and Will Kill Us
Oh No! Guns Don’t Kill People; People Kill People
Tips For Web Surfing
Cartoons For August, 2006
I Don’t Like Her, But I Have To Give Her Credit
Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts
Some Cartoons for September, 2006
The Rabid Foxes Are Almost in the Chicken Coop
Florida Voting and Some Questions on the Election
The Korean Comedy Show
Reflections on the UN Peacekeeepers
The New Anti-Semitism and the Sermon of Hate
It's Official: Media Body Burning Story is Bogus
Some November, 2006 Cartoons
I Cheered for the Wrong Guys in Syriana
Let’s Call It A Cancer and Get Rid of It

A McCarthy Moment At the Alito Hearing
Senator Kennedy is at it again
Lets Arrest Some Democrat Criminals
The True Motivation of Some Democrats
Clueless in Minnesota, Georgia and Washington, DC
Just When Things Are Going Right
Republican Heroes; Democrat Heroes
Oops, Bush Didn’t Lie; Sorry About That
What About President Bush?
Understanding the Valerie Plame and Mary O'Neil McCarthy Cases
This Guy Just Makes Me Ill; Thanks Again Swiftees
A Way to Inject Decency and Lower Campaign Costs
Hopefully Nifong Has Shot Himself in the Foot
Finally, It All Comes Together On Plamegate
Bush Can’t Do Anything Right
Rove Secretly Runs The New York Times
A Mockery of the Rules in Massachusetts
A Peek at November 2006 Issues
More Katrina Lies and Videotape
Fair Is Fair; Don’t Cloud the Immigration Issue
The Last Honest Man By Robert Kagan
Perhaps I’m Less Angry About Immigration
A Glimpse of Narcissistic Rage (Truth or Consequences)
Will My Democrat Friends Really Watch and Cheer This?
At Least Three Reasons I Could Never Be a Democrat
From Now On You Can Only Get Your News Here
A Full Explanation of The Plame-Wilson Cabal
Another Attempt by Democrats to Steal Florida
The Positive Reasons to Vote Republican Nov. 7
The Democrats Honor the US Military??
The Disgusting Foley Case and the Disgusting Politics Involved
Jimmy Carter, Will You Please Shut Up and Go Away
97 Reasons Democrats Are Weak On Defense And Can't Be Trusted To Govern In Wartime
A Moderate Conservative Is a Non-sequitur, or Is It?
Another Case of Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater
Where Do Reasonably Moderate Conservatives Go From Here?
The Biggest Winners By Cal Thomas And Some Comments
In a Foxhole with Lincoln Chafee Watching Your Back
What Went Wrong ? The Election of 2006
John Kerry, Unvarnished
Like A Bad Penny Our Worst President Keeps Popping Up
Society In General
Some Common Sense On Abortion
CEO Salaries Cry Out For Reform
DNA, Capital Punishment and Humanity
He Paid His Debt to Society
The Imminent Crumbling of Western Civilization
Muslim Terrorism May Save America
Abortion Chic By Kathleen Parker
The Vast Indignity of Atheism by Avi Shafran
The Stem Cell Controversy – A Short Explanation
They Don’t Make Baseball Like That Anymore Part 2
The Elephant and the Embryo

The Gray Lady Joins Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally and Jane Fonda
Tell Me Why the NY Times Should Open Tomorrow
A Short List of Traitors Through History
CAIR Does It Again
We Have to Fight to Get to the Truth
Journalists Fail to Explain Qana By David Warren
We're Not Listening Any More But The Band Plays On
An Admission from the Traitorous NY Times

War On Islamic Terrorism
Making Sense of Nonsense by Victor Hanson
What the Heck is CAIR?
Perhaps The Most Important Question of Our Age
A History Lesson Concerning Palestine
Countering the Nonsense About the Dubai Deal
Ann Coulter, “Rag-Heads” and Our Children’s Future
Some February, 2006 Graphics for Fun and Profit
Another Possibility For Iran May Shine Through
Hypocrisy Here; Cartoon Dangers There
Follow-up On Danish Cartoons - Conspiracy?
Those Danish Cartoons of Muhammed
We Horse-trade; They Kill Each Other
CAIR Reveals It’s True Nature; Now What?
We Lost One As House Members Panic and Pander
A Manifesto and a Rebuttal
Further Thoughts on the Dubai Ports World Deal
Thinking the Unthinkable; On the Wrong Side in Yugoslavia?
Are Problems of Iraq, Islamofascism and Immigration Too Great?
Katherine Harris Made My Grandchildren Safer
Good! I Thought We Were Only Detaining Swedish Grandmothers
Self-Loathing and the Denial of Terrorism
How to Lose to Terrorists by Ben Stein
I Love President Bush, but He Has Failed His Main Test
Go to Hell CNN; Go to Hell Spain
What's Really Happening in Iraq
A Review of Why We Are In Iraq, Part I
A Review of Why We Are In Iraq, Part II
Profile? Definitely Yes; Generalize? Definitely Not
The Cease Fire and an American Nuclear Strike on Iran
In the Middle East Where Do We Go From Here?
I’m Sorry for the Innocent Lebanese, But Wait A Minute
Some Disturbing Pictures For Those in Denial
A Former Liberal Changes His Mind
The Euston Manifesto
From A Liberal: The Most Important Article a Liberal Could Read
Oriana and the Pope
Clinton Right on "Path To 9/11"; Wrong on Terrorism
Professor Beeman Is At It Again
A Bittersweet Glance Behind the Scenes
Let’s Examine This Dismal Record
How Can We Fix Clinton’s Error in Bosnia
We Should Care More About C.A.I.R
The Challenge of Iran and the Defeat of Terrorism - Part I
The Challenge of Iran and the Defeat of Terrorism – Part II
Shall We Just Wait For the Next Massacre?
Only Unlawful Enemy Combatants Need Apply
A Profiling In Courage (or six geese a-laying and a partridge in a pear tree)
Islamic Imperialism Over the Centuries – A Must Read for Americans
The Palestinians Left Our Sympathy in Norway
SEEING THE UNSEEN Part 1 by Bill Whittle
FLASH NY Times Says Saddam 1 Year From Bomb
Vietnam Redux; Another Backstab In Iraq?
Acts of Submission By Jeffrey Lord
Once in a While a Good Deed Does Go Unpunished – The Real Person of the Year, Senator Lieberman
Welcome Aboard, Senator Boxer, You CAIR
Katherine Kersten: The real purpose behind the imam publicity blitz
Free Speech Should Be Curtailed To Fight Terrorism
Second Thoughts on the Baker Boys – Brilliant??
The American Muslim Community Is Pushing Its Luck
Here's the Deal: Back Off and You Can Have Israel Later
Fighting to win in Iraq By Jeff Jacoby
We Americans Need to Make Some Hard Decisions
Some Developments On Our 6 Muslim Imams and Their Setup Attempt

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