Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Determines Whether You Are A Liberal or A Conservative

If, basically, it makes you feel good to believe that:

1.President Bush poses a greater danger to us than Al Qaeda.
2.We should forget about defending ourselves from Islamic fundamentalists.
3.We should live in an ‘anything goes’ society with no rules.
4.We should celebrate all cultures except our own.
5.We should penalize those who produce and give to those who won’t produce.
6.We should never use our military to advance or defend our interests.
7.We should have the federal government dictate the education of our children.
8.We should remove all references to Christianity in our history and God in our lives.
9.All of life’s existence and majesty resulted from a series of accidents and random mutations.
10.We should promote gay marriage and celebrate gay sex.
11.We should not drill for oil, but switch to Biofuels.
12.We should not build any more nuclear plants.
13.We should shut down all industries that contribute to global warming.
14.An anti-missile defense system is too expensive, destabilizing and foolish. It should never be built.

Then you should join the ranks of those who call themselves liberals.

But if, basically, you prefer to base your decisions on the evidence that:

1.Compared to Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt, President Bush has shown remarkable restraint as a wartime president.
2.We will be living under the Sharia in a generation if we do not destroy the terrorists now.
3.An ‘anything goes’ society is a prelude to the total breakdown of that society.
4.The American culture is superior to the cultures our immigrants risked their fortunes and, sometimes, their lives to escape.
5.It is the efforts of people who have talents and ambition that produce advancement, enjoyment and jobs, and their rewards should be commensurate with their contributions.
6.Peace is won by armies, not by negotiators. Treaties recognize the results of military force. The peace of the world and our freedoms and prosperity depend on a strong military and the will to use it.
7.Our children’s’ education is best left to local governments.
8.Traditional marriage is society’s underpinning and is necessary for the raising of emotionally healthy children, and anything that weakens it is detrimental.
9.Biofuels cost more, produce less energy and consume as much oil as they replace.
10.Nuclear plants have proven to be the safest, cheapest and cleanest way to produce electricity.
11.Global warming is basically a natural reoccurring cycle followed by cooling periods.
12.All of the founding fathers of our country believed that our rights were God-given, and imbued that concept in our founding documents. Their desire was that the worship of God be promoted, but that no one religion be state-supported.
13.Minor evolutionary change as species react to their environment is a fact, but new species, major changes and major forms are the products of intelligent design.
14.An anti-missile defense system is absolutely necessary with nuclear-armed missiles in the hands of countries like Iran and North Korea.

Then you should join the ranks of those who consider themselves conservatives.

You don’t have to accept everything in one list or the other; a majority selection will do.

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