Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Hijacking of 9/11 Memorials

My viewers are well aware that I have pointed out several times that hate-America leftists have been trying to hijack the 9/11 memorials planned and/or under construction across the USA. So far, the record seems to be that they have been unsuccessful in New York City, due to the intervention of Governor Pataki, but they have been successful in undermining the meaning of memorials planned for the location of the crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania and of one just unveiled that is located in Arizona in memory of 9/11.

Like a cancer that keeps springing up, leftists tried to include In the New York City Ground Zero location – works of art that proclaimed that we were at fault for 9/11 because of so-called past misdeeds. Governor Pataki seems to have stopped this nonsense.

From The New York Daily News:

"The News is pleased that Gov. Pataki has dispelled appearances that he's all too amiably willing to let any Tom, Dick and Lefty post odiously anti-American artistic sentiments at Ground Zero. The governor told us yesterday he'll see to it that nothing that denigrates the nation or its heroes will ever appear at the site, period. We're happy to take him at his word.

Nobody suggests the only "fitting" 9/11-themed art should be Fourth of July fireworks. Neither, however, is a somber memorial for the 9/11 dead an appropriate showcase for the kind of political juvenilia that a SoHo gallery called The Drawing Center likes to mount. We published some of that sad-sack stuff yesterday: a jetliner dive-bombing a naked, spread-legged woman; a flow chart conspiratorially linking George W. Bush to Osama Bin Laden; that sort of thing. Pataki couldn't believe his eyes either. And he pulled the plug." New York Daily News

In Pennsylvania we are faced with a memorial design that employs a red crescent that has an opening that faces Mecca. Due to the volume of complaints (including mine), there was a redesign that was supposed to correct the situation, but it does not. This is what that design still looks like:

This is the original design; do you see any significant difference? Obviously, by extending the crescent to an incomplete circle, the designer hopes to deflate the criticism that it is a Muslim symbol.

Interestingly, the website for the design, "" has doctored this site so that viewers cannot capture and save this picture any longer. I can only guess that they hope to hinder protests with this technique. I had to do some finagling to capture and present this picture to you. Apparently the only real change that has been made in the design is in reducing the number of glass blocks (each block represents a person who died when the passengers crashed the plane that day) from 44, which included the four terrorists, to 40, the passengers and aircrew those four terrorists killed that day. At least they are no longer honoring the four murderers.

In Arizona we have another crescent with an opening. I won’t say that this design is intended to honor Muslims as it obviously is in Pennsylvania, because a circle is a circle, and the overall design could be coincidental and innocuous. However, they have placed within the memorial dates and historical references that have only one message: the USA is an evil monster that is responsible for all the evil in the world, and we deserve whatever we get. This is the memorial:

If we give the benefit of the doubt to the designer, that he had no anti-American purpose to his design, I regret to inform you that within the memorial there is no question about the anti-American messages seen there. For example, many date plaques have been erected including these three:


BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (CNN) — At least 20 people were killed and more than 60 injured in Afghanistan when a U.S. plane dropped a bomb on a wedding party as celebrants fired into the air, an Afghan defense spokesman said Monday.
This was after US aircraft came under anti-aircraft fire. Be that it may, its sad that innocent people died there, but by what logic do the designers of this memorial see fit to add this event date in a memorial to the victims of 9/11?

Check out this picture. The second to last date is the day of the Gulf of Tonkin incident…..not too subtle. It is the incident that many a leftist believes was faked to start the Vietnam War. Of course this is baloney; the first incident was actually Aug 2nd, 1964:
On August 2 the Maddox was attacked by three North Vietnamese patrol boats 28 miles away from the North Vietnamese coast and inside international waters, while heading deeper inside those waters. The Maddox evaded a torpedo attack and chased the ships away. The Maddox, suffering only very minor damage by a single machine gun bullet, retired to South Vietnamese waters where she was joined by the destroyer C. Turner Joy.

And this is a lesson plan suggested by memorial organizers for teachers bringing student groups:

"Ask students to think about how they would answer these questions: What does the word “tolerance” mean? What do you do and how do you react when a person is different from you? Share that today they will be learning more about tolerance and diversity.
Describe how key political, social, environmental, and economic events of the late 20th century and early 21st century (e.g., Watergate, OPEC/oil crisis, Central American wars/Iran-Contra, End of Cold War, first Gulf War, September 11) affected, and continue to affect, the United States.
Ask students what a world-wide memorial to victims of terrorism might look like. Have students design/draw their idea of a memorial. Have them write a paragraph or two explaining how their design shows a world affected by terrorism in the 21st century.
Inform students that today they will look at any effects 9-11 has had on our civil liberties. Enactment: Discussion: Ask students: What has our government done to prevent a terrorist attack from happening again? (i.e., enacted the Patriot Act, increased security at airports and other locations, monitored some overseas phone conversations, etc.) What are some of the negative and positive aspects of these changes? Do students feel the changes are helping to prevent terrorism? What else do students feel the government could or should do to prevent a similar event from happening?"

Arizona Memorial Photos and information courtesy of

Obviously in New York, Pennsylvania and in Arizona there is a concerted and never-ending attempt to hijack memorials meant to honor the victims and turn these memorials into despicable symbols which blame the victims. The Ward Churchills win if we let this happen.

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At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I'm sure that Rep. J.D. Haywood, R. Arizona, will take the proper measures to put the screws to these Leftist designed memorials, while it'll be just business as usual of doing nothing, for that top political hack John McCain. McCain seems to be too busy these days blowing his horn about his past POW experiences in Vietnam, worrying about how head chopping murderous Islamo-Fascists are being treated in Git-Mo.


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