Saturday, April 15, 2006

Defending Our Culture From Within and Without

The single, most important ingredient in the lives of my grandchildren is something they have not been taught and never think about; their inheritance of western culture as revised by the American Revolution. Why should they think about it? After all, I never thought much about it; the difference is that I was taught about it, but the rise of leftist thought and multiculturalism has ended the teaching of these values to our children in our schools and in our colleges.

The greatest advances in history in human freedom and material abundance came about when the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Age of Exploration occurred in Europe – all at about the same time. It was Christianity that provided the environment for these movements and culminated in the ideas enshrined by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution that all people have rights given by God, and that governmental power is granted by the people to those who govern. The benefits of science, technology, medicine, art, music, constitutional government, democracy, the jury system, free enterprise, literacy, productivity, the concept of progress, the high standard of living, the raised status of women, and racial equality all had their roots in the Renaissance and the Reformation and are all hallmarks of American and western culture.

It has become the policy of much of American Academia to discard all that is uniquely “Western” in favor of a worldview which elevates every other culture to a higher status and advances the idea that Christianity should be relegated only to the role of a ‘black magic’ religion which is irrelevant to the pursuit of knowledge and has nothing to do with the progress of world cultures.

American and Western Culture are under attack by barbaric Islamists whose worldview is entirely opposite to ours and who believe that their God has given them the duty to impose their views on others by force, killing all who will not submit. If we are to defend our culture successfully, we must defeat internal attempts to weaken it and teach our children the importance of defending it no matter what it takes, no matter what sacrifices must be made, and no matter how long the struggle might take. We need to reestablish the teaching of world and American history in our public schools, we need to end the nonsense of multiculturalism, and we need to defeat or ignore the know-nothings demanding the withdrawal of our military from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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