Monday, September 04, 2006

Let’s Examine This Dismal Record

As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, and also with the approach of the November elections, it is crucial to examine the record of the last Democratic administration in protecting us from the terrorism of Muslim extremists. I mention the November election because leading Democrats have made no secret of their plans to tie the Bush Administration into knots with impeachment hearings, cut off funding of the troops in Iraq, overturn the Patriot Act and drastically curtail foreign terrorist surveillance programs.

* First and foremost, despite all the wailing about the Iraq preemption being a mistake, the fact remains that the strategy of luring the terrorists into a battlefield of our choosing has been a huge success in its most important aspect – there have been no major terrorist acts in the USA or against US installations since 9/11 with the implementation of this policy.

Contrast that with this sorry record of the Clinton Administration:

* The building of a wall between government agencies so they cannot share intelligence. One revelation of the otherwise ineffectual 9/11 Commission was the uncovering of this incredible action by Jamie Gorelick, Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General.

* The burglary of incriminating documents by former Clinton National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger. The only motivation for this burglary that makes sense was to hide the Gorelick action and other embarrassments. See next item.

* The ignoring of offers to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. These have been well-documented.

* Unpunished major terrorist acts against US embassies in Kenya and Tasmania, the USS Cole, our barracks at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and only an insignificant criminal prosecution of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

* The belated discovery that we actually supported the side of Muslim terrorists in Kosovo and Bosnia, leading to the development of terrorist supply routes into Europe and the financing of terrorist activities from illegal drug distribution.

The approach of 9/11 finds us grappling with a decision by a liberal, Democrat judge appointed by Jimmy Carter to dismantle the foreign terrorist surveillance program that helped stop the blowing up of 10 transatlantic jets filled with Americans and others. We have since learned that this judge, in deciding this case brought before her by the judge-shopping ACLU, had deep connections to that very organization and that she should have recused herself. Is this a chilling indication of what is in store for the country with a Democrat victory in November?

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At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Joe Alves said...

You Bet-cha!!! I couldn't have said it any better. My life is almost coming to an end as I aproach "Geeserdom", but I really worry about my grandchildren and what's to become of them if we get another Clinton administration. I just hate to even think about it.


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