Saturday, September 02, 2006

Unfortunately, This Is What Leftists Do

Mexican leftists silence Fox
By Miguel Angel Gutierrez, Sat Sep 2, 12:38 AM ET

“Mexican President Vicente Fox was forced to abandon his last state of the nation address to Congress on Friday after leftist lawmakers alleging election fraud seized the podium and refused to let him speak.

Shortly before Fox was due to give his speech, dozens of legislators who support leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador marched up to the podium, some with banners calling the president a traitor to democracy.

Fox, who leaves office in December, avoided a more serious showdown with those who contend Lopez Obrador was robbed of the election by simply giving a copy of his speech to Congress officials and quickly returning to his residence.

It was the first time in Mexican history that opposition legislators have blocked the president's annual address and marked an escalation of a crisis that has rocked the country since a bitterly contested July 2 presidential election….”

This is what leftists do when they can’t win an election. I can’t vouch for Mexico, but I do know that there have been two recounts, and that the conservative has been declared the winner three times now. This is what leftists do when they lose an election in the United States as well. They complain endlessly about stolen elections when their own efforts at election fraud fall short; they break precedent and filibuster nominations to federal judgeships; they use their husbands (Joseph Wilson) to spread lies about the President; they try to destroy people’s reputations with false charges; they villify and defame government and military officials; and by harping on silly stupidities at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, they take the focus off the barbarism of Islamists who chop the heads off innocent people.

And worst of all, when they realize that their complicity in encouraging terrorism in the 1990’s has come to light, they send Sandy Burgler in to steal incriminating documents; they accuse President Bush and Vice Pres. Cheney of blowing up the World Trade Towers and the New Orleans levees, and they proudly, with great fanfare, make a movie showing the assassination of the President. They are sick, and they make me sick.

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At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Joe Alves Jr. said...

I think that the Dems are finally starting to smarten up and distance themselves from Howard Dean. I was kind of hoping that they'd hang on to him, too.


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