Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Test of Fitness to Judge

To help clear away from my memory the stench of the recent Alito hearings, and because I like to find different ways to educate young people about things they may not know and also point out some things others do not want to hear, I have a special test for you today. The rule is: only answer one question. If you know an answer, make a comment and give your answer, but don’t do any more. Let others have a chance to answer the other questions. I’d like each name answered by a different person. Don’t use extreme language or obscenities.

The questions are really a list of names. What is each of these people known for, and what do they all have in common? Expand on your answer.

1. Joe Gargan
2. Dominick Arena
3. Paul Markham
4. Dr. Donald Mills
5. Joseph Flanagan
6. Dr. Robert Watt

Readers should check back in a day or so to look at the comments.

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At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Roy B. said...

Having grown up in Massachusetts I have a vague association of the name "Dominick Arena" with the Ted Kennedy - Mary Jo Kopekne manslaughter incident (I have always found "murder" to be too strong a word for that event and "accident" much too mild). Wasn't he the Chappaquiddick Police Chief at the time? Are all of these people who have assisted Ted Kennedy in avoiding responsibility for all of his life?

Just a guess.

Roy B.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

I guess, with one exception, I have perplexed most of you. This list, of course, is the main body of the supporting cast of characters involved with Senator Ted Kennedy in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne:

Joe Gargan - Kennedy’s friend and fellow partygoer asked by him to say he was really driving the fated Oldsmoble.

Dominick Arena – Edgartown police chief, who refused to issue a criminal complaint and didn’t even know Kennedy had no license.

Paul Markham - Kennedy attorney and fellow partygoer who was the first person Kennedy talked to after the accident – many hours before police or Rescue were notified.

Dr. Donald Mills - the medical examiner who certified death by drowning even though there was no water in Mary Jo’s lungs, and who deemed an autopsy not necessary.

Joseph Flanagan - Kopechne attorney hired by Kennedy who arranged to get Mary Jo’s body out of state custody and quickly into the ground.

Dr. Robert Watt - Kennedy family doctor who explained that Ted was in a state of shock and confusion although credit card records showed he made 17 phone calls shortly after the accident.

I was thinking also of listing the name of the fellow Harvard student that Kennedy paid to take his Spanish exam and who was also expelled from Harvard – and also the name of the friend who took over the driver’s seat in that other accident when Kennedy was found by a state trooper hiding in the back-crouched behind the front seat, but I could not find a record of their names.

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Jamie Watt said...

Amended: Dr. Watt's diagnosis was based solely on Kennedy's accounts of his own memory. His own review of Kennedy's state did not find anything aligning with amnesia.


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