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I’m Sorry for the Innocent Lebanese, But Wait A Minute

(I had this piece written this morning when I caught Senator Hagel of Nebraska on CBS describing Israel’s efforts to stop the Hezbollah from killing them as a “slaughter”. I felt sick to my stomach that we have such a stupid and ignorant person as a Republican senator. Where has he been for the last 58 years, or is he an anti-Semite too? We already know that he is a copperhead.)

We are being inundated with pictures and news features showing innocent women and children being killed by Israeli attacks in Lebanon, and we are moved to act to stop this seeming madness. Of course, we are shown very little of the death and destruction being rained down on Israelis by the Hezbollah; that seems to be the way of things. We naturally want to stop the casualties being inflicted on innocent Lebanese, but there are two things to consider. The first is the nature of military actions. Here is a description of the terror NATO (mostly our own US forces) rained down on innocents when trying to stop Milosevic:

Excerpt from Israeli news source:

Just 7 years ago. Milosevic irritated the Free World when he tried to take control of Kosovo. NATO started bombing. Following is an incomplete list of the injuries. Just of civilian ones.

On April 12th – 12 killed in a bombing of a civilian train; on April 14th – 70 refugees are killed in a “hunt after warriors”. NATO forces admit that they find it hard to estimate the number of casualties; Apri 27th – 16 civilians are killed. Two missiles diverted from their course; April 28th – A stray missile reaches a peaceful neighborhood in Sophia, capital of Bulgaria. May 1st – 27 killed in a bombing of a bus on a bridge in Belgrade. According to other claims 47 were killed. All of them civilians; May 6th – 15 civilians are killed in the town of Nis in Yugoslavia; on May 7th – the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is erroneously bombed. 3 civilians were killed; May 13th – at least 100 civilians are killed in the village of Korisa. Burnt bodies of kids are presented in the world media. NATO’s spokesman announces that the bombings were against “legitimate military targets”. May 19th – NATO airplanes are bombing the Belgrade hospital. At least 3 patients end their lives; May 30th – 11 civilians are killed in the bombing of a bridge. They were on their way to the local market. On the same day the NATO bombers manage to bomb an old age home, causing the death of 20 of its residents; on May 31st another 11 civilians are killed in a bombing.

Written by Ben-Dror Yamini
Translated to English by Oren Douek

The second thing to consider is the involvement of the Lebanese in this whole affair; an involvement well-described in this piece by Irwin Graulich:

Those Poor, Innocent Lebanese
By Irwin N. Graulich
Aug 4, 2006

“Let me get this straight. You allow one of the largest terrorist organizations in the world to set up shop throughout your country. You permit them to completely take over the entire southern third of Lebanon and you claim to have seen nothing.

You allow the terrorists to build sophisticated, fortified bunkers and you did not see any heavy equipment building them. You allow the Hezbollah terrorists to move into many of your towns and villages, including the complete takeover of one of the largest neighborhoods in Beirut, where they proceed to build numerous, complex command and control centers... and then you claim total ignorance.

You allow Hezbollah to store weapons, bombs and rockets in your basements. You turn a blind eye when they carry arms into your restaurants, stores and buildings, yet you call yourself an "innocent civilian."

You watch the Hezbollah parades with hundreds of thousands of participants including children screaming, "Jihad. Death to Israel, Jews and Americans," burning American and Israeli flags, while goose-stepping soldiers with Nazi-like salutes receive your cheers--and all of you "innocent civilians" did not see a thing even though you were captured on videotape. All this, while Koffi Annan and much of the UN insist that "we should not believe our lying eyes about the innocent civilians."

There are giant posters of the rubenesque terrorist leader, Hasan Nasrallah, all over Lebanon with headlines declaring the imminent destruction of Israel. Yet you choose to elect this terrorist party to your government--and all of the so called "innocent Lebanese" do not know anything about anything.

Twenty thousand rockets and launchers are shipped into your country along with other military equipment by plane, truck and ship, and the government industrial complex knew absolutely nothing; and neither did all those "poor, innocent civilians" who are now crying.

So you allow the "Devil" into your homes and into your lives; you take the Devil's money, food and medicine; you sleep with the Devil...and get a serious evil disease. And then you blame the Jews, of course! Well, there is no sympathy for the devil...or his helpers!

The Lebanese "knowingly allowed (aka aided and abetted)" murderous terrorists to proliferate in their sovereign nation. Like spoiled teenagers, they now refuse to take any responsibility. Of course, there are some truly innocent civilians, but there were hundreds of thousands of beautiful German babies and mothers in Dresden and Berlin who were blown to bits. If an attack emanates from your country, the entire country is responsible. That is how life works, and it is sometimes unfair.

I hate when people lie to my face and expect me to believe their vile fabrications. Does the Muslim world really think that the vast majority of Americans are that foolish? Only the quislings at CNN like Larry King, Nic Robertson, Wolf Blitzer, et al will fall for this Joseph Goebbals-style propaganda.

The confused, immoral left and their paper of record, The New York Times only see "innocent civilians throughout Lebanon." Europe, that moral bastion which gave birth to Nazism, will look at photos of men, women and children in despair, without putting the image into its proper context. Yet countries like Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland, who could not decide whether to support Hitler or Churchill during WWII, can drum up the moral authority to criticize Israel today. And leave it to Vichy, France 2006 headed by Jaques "Petain" Chirac to condemn Israel's response….

Listen up, all you "innocent Lebanese along with your innocent, Hezbollah supporting government." Do you want to know why your towns, villages and cities are smoldering? Do you want to know why 800,000 people are homeless and 600 are dead? Do you want to know why your infrastructure is devastated?

The answer is..."That the Jews are simply not going to pack up their little valises and walk into gas chambers again. The Jews will not be taken from their homes and marched into the Mediterranean Sea by Nazis or Hezbollah-Hamas-Syrian-Iranian, Nazi-like sympathizers."

The Jews in Israel or anywhere else are just not going to allow themselves to be shipped away like you dream about every day. Attention all radical Muslims throughout the entire world and Jacques Chirac. The Jews will not be walking into death camps or graves ever again, and if you dare try it, Qana, South Beirut, Tyre, Nabatiyeh, Bint Jbeil, Kounine, Beit Yahoun, Rashaya, Baalbek, Majdel Zoun, Ayt-a-Shab, etc. will all look a whole lot worse than Dresden and Berlin. And Tehran may become hotter than Hiroshima….”

We can understand that many Lebanese simply could not resist the taking over of a huge part of their country by a large and well-funded terrorist organization. Unfortunately the lot of the Lebanese over history is to be taken over by various interests, but they do bear a great deal of responsibility for accepting, quietly, this massive buildup which could only have had one purpose – the destruction of Israel, and we would be fools not to know that Lebanon is complicit in this plan. We remember the scenes of Palestinians cheering 9/11 and can never forget the awful sound their women make when applauding some action. The same sounds are coming out of Lebanon as the Hezbollah hurls death and destruction down on innocent Israelis, but our media doesn’t much bring those scenes to our attention.

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At 7:23 AM, Anonymous steve said...

Perhaps, like your implication of the purposeful Israeli bombing of the UN site...perhaps the Lebanese NEED to suffer for their complicit relations with Hez. Perhaps a little bit of blood pain and suffering is just what they need.
Like a child who makes a bad decision, sometimes you have to let them suffer consequences.

Like before this recent monthold war segment started, we were shutting down the financial support of Palestine for penalty for their elections of terrorists to be their new "polititians".


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