Friday, June 23, 2006

Now the Clintonistas Want War

It is most appalling that former Clinton officials, having given away the store to the North Koreans, and having led the protests against the continuation and full development of our ‘Starwars’ anti-missile defense system, should now be calling for the USA to “shoot down” any attempt by them to launch a long range missile. What do they have in mind; for us to bomb their missile launch facilities if we detect a final fueling? Do they not realize that this is an act of war that could lead to disastrous consequences at a time when we are fully committed to a War on Terror that stretches military resources - also cut back during the Clinton years?

The mindset of the typical Democrat has had me scratching my head over and over again through the years. If we had continued the Reagan inspired missile defense system, we might well now have the capability to intercept it in flight, which is not an act of war but an act of defense. We may well actually have this capability; I hope so, but I do not think it possible given the defunding of the program, again, during the Clinton years.

Two things are for sure: 1. if the North Koreans do fire their missile, we’d better not shoot at it unless we are virtually certain that we can bring it down, and 2. we should take some of the money being wasted on the slugs in New Orleans and redirect it to Starwars. We’ll cut down on corruption, and our children will be safer.

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