Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Case of Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater

The following letter appeared in a Florida newspaper this week:

Voters handed win to the terrorists


I find it painful that I had to see Americans through Islamic terrorists' eyes, for what they really are. You Americans who voted the Democratic ticket, handed the Al Quaida and Islamic terrorists their second greatest victory after 9/11.

Through the brainwashing rhetoric of the Democratic party, you bought into their aspirations to recapture the White House at the expense of the safety of our country and children. I am ashamed of my fellow Americans who no longer have the will to fight for our freedoms and way of life.

I shouldn't be so surprised, because this is the same generation that turned on to drugs and turned off to responsibility. The same flower power children who thought everything could be solved by sitting around a camp fire, holding hands and singing "Kumbaya." The same group that spit and slandered our troops when they came back from Vietnam. The same group that even today say they support our troops, but secretly despise them.

On this Veterans Day, when we pay homage to those who served, I can't help wondering just how many of you still secretly despise us, and why you no longer have the pride and loyalty to our country and American ideals.

We have given the terrorists what they could not win on the battlefield, and I fear we will pay a heavy price in the blood of our children and grandchildren.
God bless America.

Name withheld

I completely understand and instinctively agree with the author of this well-written and thoughtful letter, but I know that this thinking gets us nowhere. We had a Republican Congress that was poorly led and had succumbed to the temptations that have afflicted people in positions of power down through history, and we have not achieved our objectives in Iraq. Trying to win is not the same as winning; it’s the same as trying to kill a king: once you try, you had better succeed; there is no going back.

Over the next two years Republicans have to have in place Congressional leadership that is tough-minded and competent, and President Bush has to stop running a ‘politically correct’ war in Iraq. I hope that the Baker boys study group is just a cover for exactly that. The word that 20,000 troops are to be shifted to Baghdad is a good sign.

The election of Senator Trent Lott is not a good sign, and neither is the appointment of Mel Martinez to lead the RNC. It may well be that conservatives and patriots are in for even bigger disappointments. The first sign was President Bush’s indication that he can work with a Democrat Congress on illegal immigration. Goodbye fence; hello amnesty without conditions.

Having said all that, I would much rather throw in with someone who recognized the threat to our existence and has tried to do something about it than with those with their heads in the sand.


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At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think that this country is doomed. I don't see anything good coming out of any of this. All I can do, is try my best to protect my family. My city is being over-run by gangs of thieves who are constantly breaking and entering into homes and businesses at a rate of 90 since Oct 1st. There have been 10 armed robberies in the past two weeks. All this, because of drugs, and Liberal judges in this state are putting these scum right back out on the streets! We live in a society that is slowly becoming a Secular progressive society, where anything is acceptable! We've really come a long way, haven't we? Now we have Liberal Democrats in Congress who want to push their sick agenda further. God Help us!

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

One of the best courses I took in studies at Providence College was, "The History of Israel before the Exile". Essentially we had to find non-Biblical writings that documented much of the conditions of Israel relative to following the "LAW" Alias Ten Commandments. And what happened to the nation when they "Turned From the LAW".

As the people began to become very Pagan like in behavior, etc. "The Lord" allowed enemies to come in and haul their sorry butts off to Babylon which ironically is in the area of current day Iraq.

Until several generations when His People turned back to the Lord, they suffered.

Didn't something like this also happend called, "The fall of the Roman Empire"?

As we as a nation continue with atrocities as Gay marriage, Sex Selection Abortion, rampant Drug Use, Sex Education of our young, etc. etc, let's just wonder if the attack on 9/11 was "Allowed" by the Lord to wake us up?

To study further look up the Messages of Fatima Portugal in 1917. Note that Fatima was an Arab name. Again, similar messages, "The war (WWI) will soon be over, but unless men change from their ways an even worse war will start during the reign of Pope.....when you see a sign in the sky.....Russia (which was piss poor then) will spread her errors throughout the world...Hello Joe Stalin..... GET THE POINT?

At 8:28 AM, Anonymous steve said...

I need to disagree with Tony...basicaly on the two wrongs don't make it right premise.

If I read this right, you are justifying terrorist activity because we have lost our moral compass?? It may be true that we lost it, but that does not warrant our executions.

On a separate point, I just wish somehow we could educate the US masses on the LONGTERM issues/consequences relative to this struggle...and convince everyone that the war in Iraq is not even about Iraq.

On our Iraq failures, I don't understand why with 130k troops we cannot control a few strategic areas. The locals that are fighting probably number under 25k.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve,-- I can agree with Tony. If you remember; Sodom and Gommorra were destroyed by God, because of their evil and wicked ways, and I'm not saying that God called upon terrorist to destroy the Twin Towers. Our biggest problem in Iraq today is that we are fighting Iran and Syria. It's just that simple. If these two countries would stop working against us, we could get right out of there in no time at all. We're only talking two provinces out of 17 or so, which are troubled areas. The other provinces have no problems.


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