Friday, September 01, 2006

A Full Explanation of The Plame-Wilson Cabal

This does get a little complicated. First, a holdover, liberal CIA employee, Valerie Plame, decided to undermine President Bush’s policies by pulling strings to get her like-minded husband, Joseph Wilson, sent to Niger to discredit the report from British intelligence that Saddam Hussein tried to purchase yellowcake for nuclear weapons development. (This British report was mentioned by Pres. Bush as one piece of intelligence we relied on in concluding that there was a significant risk of WMD in Iraq. The report turned out to be factual.) Wilson then wrote a piece in the NY Times labeling the British report as false. That report was prominently published and mentioned over and over again by the Times. Step One

A retiring official in our State Dept., Richard Armitage, who also opposed Bush’s policies, casually mentioned Plame’s identity to Robert Novak, who exposed her in his newspaper column. Immediately virtually every Democrat politician, the NY Times and every other liberal newspaper, all the TV networks and CNN launched into a three year campaign that: 1. it is a crime to reveal her name (it wasn’t), 2. obviously the leak came from Dick Cheney’s office, probably by Karl Rove, and both of them ought to be investigated and charged. 3. obviously this was a very dirty political trick to discredit Wilson, and Pres. Bush must have known of it and approved of it. Step Two

A special prosecutor (Patrick Fitzgerald) was appointed. Although he learned almost immediately that the source was Armitage and was just a casual mention, and although he concluded that no laws were broken, he ended up ruining Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby, by charging him with lying about when and how he heard about Plame’s identity. This is such an absurd and politically motivated charge, which, unbelievably, is still outstanding (shades of Nifong and the Duke rape case), even Democrats are embarrassed. Step Three

This week, Armitage’s identity as the “leaker” was revealed to the rest of us, and his lawyer confirmed it. Since Armitage had no possible motivation to discredit Plame, the whole scheme to use the Plame-Wilson affair to discredit the Bush administration collapses. Step Four

Not surprisingly, neither the Democrat politicians nor the left-wing media who filled the air with “dirty trick” and “Rove belongs in prison” charges for three years have made much mention of the Armitage development nor have they withdrawn their charges or apologized. The lawsuit filed by the Wilsons against Vice President Cheney, top White House aide Karl Rove, and former Cheney aide Lewis Libby is still on the record as well. No Step Five

Unfortunately the Plame-Wilson lie has been credited as one of the major reasons for the decline in President Bush’s approval ratings over the past three years. As Pres. Reagan’s former Labor Secretary Donovan said after being exonerated of all charges made against him by a similar left-wing cabal, “where do I go now to get my reputation back?”

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At 11:09 AM, Anonymous steve said...

I don't agree that the plame/wilson scandal has largely impacted Bush ratings. I think it's as simple as 1)War fatique in general 2) failure to make connection and link Iraq to terrorism and 3) specific lack of progress on Iraq progress due to the whole Sunni/Shiite issue

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Valley Forge said...

I appreciate your thoughts!
I think there is much more pro-America sentiment around the world than LeftMedia would ever allow to be heard.

Regarding public schools, are you aware that Christianity-replacing philosophy is actually quite organized and purposeful? See below:
Do You Want To Avoid Mixing Religion And Politics?

It is a matter of historical record that America's Founders deliberately began public education with Biblical teaching. No one can argue that the early primers and texts students used were filled with Scripture. Our Founders were motivated by concern that the reasons for establishing this nation would be lost or forgotten and that strange teachings would creep in, resulting in citizens forgetting that our freedoms come from our Creator - as specifically and purposely stated in the Declaration of Independence - rather than from monarchs, committees of government elitists, change agents or busybody, politically correct social planners.

While self-proclaimed defenders of 'church state separation' fret that Bible-believing Christians are plotting to somehow establish a 'theocracy' in this country, they are not the least bit concerned that the religious doctrines and social goals of the Humanist Manifestos ( are being systematically imposed on Americans. The very words, 'separation of church and state' are of Humanist origin. They are indeed a mantra of the political Left, but they are not found in our Constitution, which specifically forbids government to meddle in the firmly held beliefs of citizens, and forbids government to attempt to force religious beliefs on the public (Establshment and Free Exercise clauses, First Amendment).

Instead of E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, one), we are urged to celebrate diversity by fracturing our society into hostile, competing grievance groups. Often this 'diversity' demands that citizens must support 'gay rights' or suffer accusations of 'bigotry' and 'intlorance,' as if traditional marriage and undeniable biological facts have somehow become socially unacceptable.

Instead of respect for innocent life, we are urged to honor a 'choice' that results in over a million unborn children being killed each year. The results of de-valuation of human life are all around us.

Instead of respecting the laws of nature and of nature's God, we are urged to affirm and normalize all 'sexual orientations'.

Instead of cherishing our nation and its sovereign right to existence and self-rule, we are urged to join the global brotherhood of man and submit to 'world courts'. Our very concept of national boundaries is so muddled that we allow our immigration laws to be broken, reward the lawbreakers and make fully entitled citizens out of babies born to them. And many citizens are so confused as to believe that in spite of the 3000 innocent people lost on 9-11 and the continuing terrorist attacks - and successfully foiled plots - around the world, the war on terror is simple a political ploy by 'right-wing extremists.'

Instead of wisely and responsibly using and enjoying our country's abundant natural resources, we are bombarded with hysterical warnings of ecological disaster (Often with hoaxes such as the polar bears on the melting ice floe), and we are urged to lavish worshipful, unquestioning attention on environmental extremism, no matter what the cost to citizens and taxpayers.

Instead of recognizing the prosperity-producing power of responsibility and industrious effort, we are taught to clamor for 'economic equality,' or the 'equitable re-distribution of wealth and resources.' This, even after we witnessed the abject failure of socialism in the implosion of the old Soviet Union.

Coincidentally(?), the Soviet Constitution, in Article 52, stated: “In the Soviet Union, the church shall be separate from the state and the school from the church.” Sound familiar?

Most significantly, instead of honoring the First Commandment that Jesus clearly teaches, we are innundated with 'scientific' information which attempts to stampede us into believing the Humanist first commandment: Man has emerged as the result of a continuous process and as a result, man is responsible only to himself. From this false first commandment flow the selfishness, pride, death and condemnation that are the end results of faith in Humanist beliefs.

Any open-minded American might consider it odd that while our Declaration of Independence points straight to God as our Creator – the very money in our wallets proclaims our trust in this God – self-proclaimed intellectuals are telling us that there is no God, Bible-believing Christianity is harmful, and that for a moral compass we should just 'trust our feelings.'

All these Humanist concepts - routinely foisted on captive audiences of other peoples' impressionable children in the public schools at taxpayer expense - are teachings from a secular religion that quietly advances its goals while hypocritically issuing ominous warnings of the perils of mixing religion and politics.

If we enlightened moderns truly prize fairness, tolerance, diversity and acceptance of all viewpoints, however, why is it that Christianity, the faith of our Founders, is always the target of so-called 'separation' experts? These same experts are blithely advocating taxpayer-financed, Muslim public schools without a whimper about church-state separation. And who has decided for us that a perversion of human sexuality which has contributed to an ongoing, deadly epidemic in our nation (Centers for Disease Control 2007 figures show that 71% of all AIDS cases are found in homosexuals) should enjoy advocacy in the public schools?

The conclusion, for any objective observer, is that religion is most certainly being advocated in the public schools, on college campuses, in the dominant media culture and in entertainment media. But that religion is not Christianity. Instead, it is the religion spelled out in the Humanist Manifestos I and II.

The planks in the platform of the Democrat party might as well be direct quotes from those Manifestos.

In spite of constant pushing and maneuvering by RINO's who have nothing but disdain for Bible-believing people, the Republican party still leans toward conservative, Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Which beliefs honor the sacrifices and faith of our Founders, and which beliefs are taking us straight down the path of the failed Soviet Union?

While it is not possible to avoid mixing religion (firmly held beliefs) and politics, it is possible to make the choice that offers the best chances for the surival of our nation.

Robert R. Larimer Jr
Vancouver, Washington
September, 2007

P.S. I highly recommend a thorough study of the tenets of the Humanist Manifestos. This will give valuable insights into the state of our culture.


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