Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Really Detest Leftist Philosophy

What is happening right now in Mexico is a perfect example of the little-kid tantrum those on the left throw when they don’t get their way – when they lose. Leftists in Mexico have shut down the government because they lost an election they thought they should have won. They are so good, they are so smart, they are so sure they have all the answers, it’s not possible that the electorate would look at their past failures and present actions and decide to vote against them. This is behind the “selected not elected” nonsense that has led to a 6 year long, concerted effort to defeat any and all initiatives coming from the Bush Administration. This is behind the unbelievably nasty vitriol constantly being heaped on President Bush and also now on Secretary of State Condalessa Rice. Nazi, Hitler, murderer, worse than Stalin, leader of a 9/11 conspiracy – these are all terms we hear every day coming from the left.

As I write this column, the Brits are arresting 24 Islamists who tried to blow up several airplanes headed for the United States with a liquid explosive mixed with common, ordinary liquids like shampoo, members of a Hezbollah cell are being rounded up in Dearborn, and there is a report that a British intelligence agency delayed informing our CIA about the terror plot because they feared leaks from liberals who still work there. I wonder what it is going to take before our nation’s liberals wake up to the fact that we are at war, and start thinking about our country first.

Most of us were liberals in college, but at some time we grew up. If you are a liberal, why didn’t you?

This piece by James Lewis of the American Thinker captures well what liberals have done to us:

The Habit of Betrayal
August 9th, 2006
The American Thinker

“‘Very Soon, This Stain of Disgrace [i.e. Israel] Will Be Purged From the Center of the Islamic World – and This is Attainable’ —- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, October 26, 2005

”’Imam [Khomeini] said: ‘This regime that is occupying Qods [Jerusalem] must be eliminated from the pages of history.” —- Ahmadinejad in speaking to The World Without Zionism conference, Tehran, October 26, 2005

“The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake.”—- Richard Cohen, Washington Post columnist

When the Boomer Left first came to power in the Seventies they told us that cheating on your marriage made you sexually liberated. The divorce rate soon doubled and tripled, followed by millions of abortions. I’ve long thought that the waves of feminist rage that followed a few years later came from that first treason of the Boomers: In spite of sexual “liberation,” Leftist women felt utterly betrayed and abandoned, over and over again, until rage was the only feeling left. It was the first big betrayal of the modern Left.

Then the same voices shouted that single-parent families were okay for kids; Dads were expendable; the welfare state would do the job. Soon Black families that had stayed intact over generations of Jim Crow were falling apart. Next, the Left proclaimed that drugs were good for you, that Black-on-Black crime was the result of racism, and that Ronald Reagan made AIDS. When children became unteachable and the schools went steadily downhill, the Teachers’ Unions decided that their real job in life was teaching self-esteem, no matter what the kids actually did.

Easy betrayal is the hallmark of the Boomer Left, both in the United States and Europe. In the Netherlands you can have your divorce in three days Why not drive-through spouse disposals? Sort of like a car wash, except you can kick out your spouse at the other end. The Netherlands has pioneered drive-through brothels, after all. Stay tuned.

Across the Channel, Britain cannot rid itself of thousands of known foreign terror suspects—- because they claim the right of asylum, with the passionate support of the Prime Minister’s wife, Cherie Blair, a “civil rights lawyer.” Was anybody surprised when fifty people were blown apart by a squad of suiciders on the London Underground? Nobody asked Cherie Blair to apologize. Nobody called it a betrayal of country—- that’s old Victorian language. Besides, the Labour Party is busily hacking away at Britain’s sovereignty anyway.

No country in Europe can control the inflow of Muslim immigrants, large numbers of them imbued with a hatred for European values. European elites oblige, by constantly betraying their own traditions through multiculturalism. The perverted message is: So you want to hate and despise us? You’re right!

Meanwhile back in the States, we are taught that trespassing aliens are actually “undocumented,” as if they had forgotten their wallets in Tijuana by some slip of the mind. The warm welcome of a generous Mexican host used to be Mi casa es su casa”—- my house is your house. Today Mexicans have learned to shout “Su casa es mi casa!” Your house is now ours, and don’t you forget it, Anglo swine. And nobody calls this a betrayal of American values, even though we are a country of legal and often passionately pro-American immigrants.

So when the New York Times explains that the First Amendment bestows on itself the right to betray national security secrets to jihadists who are even now killing our soldiers in Iraq, nobody seems to notice that this is treason in any sane society.

And when Richard Cohen, whose name at least appears to be Jewish, begins a recent Washington Post column with the proclamation that “Israel is a mistake”—- right in the middle of a Hizb’allah Blitz, when 3,000 missiles are exploding over the heads of Israeli civilians huddling in bomb shelters—- nobody seems to notice anything odd.

On the Left, the habit of betrayal has now become so ingrained that loyalty to friends and country, commitments to wives and children, even the ability to speak freely in the universities, all those fundamental civilized values have simply been ridiculed and trashed.

And when a Democrat President is caught with his pants down, being serviced by a young Jewish intern while discussing the dispatch of American troops on the phone with a Congressman, and another time when Yassir Arafat awaits a meeting with him, the Lefties in the media launch a deafening defense. Yes, feminists had hollered about sexual harassment for decades, but that didn’t apply to Democrats. A female reporter publicly volunteered to service Mr. Clinton herself, as long as he stood for unrestricted abortions. Bill Clinton slapped his wife with the most shameful public insult any First Lady has ever received. Hillary must still burn with shame and anger when she thinks back to those days; but she will never admit to an unfashionable feeling of betrayal of her marriage. Like the original feminists, she is converting her seething rage into a run for power.

A few days ago New York magazine took up Richard Cohen’s slogan that Israel is a mistake, thereby endorsing genocidal madmen like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—- who just happen to be building nukes for that very purpose. The sentence “your nation is a mistake” means “you should never have been alive; destroying you is morally justified.” Why American Jews don’t riot in the streets is a mystery. If Richard Cohen said the same thing about Zimbabwe, he would be out of a job. And good riddance.

Cohen has now gone on to whip up the slogan of an Iraqi civil war, because just a little betrayal is never enough. If Israel goes down to defeat, followed by Iraq, Mr. Cohen might presumably throw a big party. It’s election time, after all, and a disaster for American policy in the Middle East is meat and potatoes to the Left. They will fake one if it doesn’t happen. How they hate their country.

Few civilized values have not yet been betrayed by the Left. Which is why the American people, bless them, see the weird old Boomer Lefties as increasingly alien to their own deepest beliefs and values. The habit of betrayal can only get you so far, before people start to take notice.” The American Thinker

James Lewis is a frequent contirbutor.

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