Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Olmert A Chilling Example of Democrat Leadership

I am afraid that the incompetence of the left-wing Olmert government in Israel is a chilling foretelling of what might happen if a liberal Democrat is elected president in this country in 2008. Under Olmert’s misguided tutelage and penchant for thinking one can reason with terrorists, Israel’s army was allowed to decline in training and equipment, and a peacenik was appointed Defense Chief of Israel with disastrous results.

In attempting to kill terrorists, but not harm civilians, and letting that philosophy override all other considerations, Olmert succeeded only in killing Israelis, both at home under the barrage of 4000 missiles, and soldiers in the field. By constantly changing his mind about tactics and strategy, (reminding us eerily of President Jimmy Carter and the disaster in the Iranian desert in 1979), Olmert guaranteed failure of the Israeli mission and the imposition of a ceasefire that the United States was forced to support. Until it became obvious that Olmert had no stomach for the game he was playing, the USA had stalled negotiations to give Israel a chance to complete the job they had started – a necessary one when murderous terrorists are raining death down on Israel’s civilians and capturing and murdering Israeli soldiers.

What this also reminds me of was the debacle in Somalia under the leadership of President Clinton and his hapless Secretary of Defense, Les Aspin, who refused to support American soldiers taking fire – soldiers who had been placed in an impossible situation through the incompetence of the Democrat President and his defense secretary. The soldiers ended up dead.

What this means to me is that, even though I disagree with some of his positions on social issues, I will probably support Rudy Giuliani for the Republican presidential nomination. He has shown me that he understands the war on terror and is tough-minded enough to lead it and withstand the vacuous logic and vituperation from the left. This is the overriding issue of our age.

In the Middle East, instead of attaining some measure of security from the murderers, Olmert has succeeded in moving Israel closer to a position where their only option may involve overwhelming destruction and possibly the use of nuclear weapons.

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At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I don't think that Rudy would get the support from the Republican Party, but what you say is true about Rudy. I hadn't heard anyone explain the war on terror as well as Rudy in an interview on Fox and Friends, a couple of weeks ago. I think that Newt Gingritch or Condi Rice would be better suited for that job.


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