Friday, August 18, 2006

The United Nations Is a Fraud and Will Kill Us

I have previously called for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations and sponsor a successor organization among non-terrorist supporting states. The value of a place to to meet and talk has been greatly overshadowed in recent years by a bureaucracy gone wild, rampant corruption, complete ineffectiveness, support for terrorist states and movements, and a policy of approving any action that damages the United States or Israel.

I encourage my readers to click on the GOPBloggers site to explore the piece I am presenting below, because it is loaded with reference links that I could not transfer. Each statement in this piece is backed up by a source you can trace and judge for yourself.

"The UN Is Nothing More Than an Enabler of Violent Islamists, So America Must Withdraw"

GOP Bloggers, Jonathan R. on August 3, 2006

"If the UN ever served a useful purpose, that role is now gone. Its peacekeepers are manifestly not effective at peacekeeping, whether as spectators for mass slaughter in Rwanda and Bosnia or observing a terrorist group's massive arms build-up, but they are clearly adept at mass rape of children. So the "peacekeeping" function of the UN is no reason to keep it around and there is little else of value the organization does that cannot be handled through other multilateral arrangements.

But it is not merely that the UN does little good. It is now an active player in the war that radical Islam has declared against the dar al-Harb and it has lined up with radical Islam. This is not an opinion but rather the only conclusion that can be reached by watching its reaction to actions on both sides of this war. When the forces of radical Islam deliberately target and kill civilians or publicly execute prisoners, in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions, the UN is silent. But when a Western nation sacrifices its own troops to abide by the laws of war or provides terrorist prisoners with the full range of Geneva rights that they have not even earned, the UN pronounces itself outraged.

When a Western member state, whose freedom and liberty are so renowned that it is a beacon throughout the world and attracts more immigration than any other country, expresses doubts about the UN's competence, the UN explodes in anger. But when a radical Islamic member state repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly calls for the destruction of another member state and the mass murder of its citizens, the UN remains silent.

The UN's ambulances are used to transport radical Islamic terrorists and its financial operations are used to fund radical Islamic terror. When Arab Islamists slaughter black Muslims, the UN is paralyzed. But when Israel defends itself against an act of war, there is nothing but ritual denunciation. When violent Islamists deliberately use UN personnel as human shields, there is no condemnation until Israel's counter-fire accidentally hits the UN post there is reflexive condemnation of Israel.

I have resisted the temptation to call for the American withdrawal from the UN in the past, because I thought there remained some value in at least having a forum in which dialogue could take place. But it is now an undeniable fact that the UN has gone beyond mere corruption, incompetence and ineffectiveness. It is now an active player in defending, excusing and legitimizing radical Islam, which is the most mortal danger faced by Western civilization. For America to continue to morally, politically and financially support this UN is not only wrong, but it runs counter to our strategic national security interests. America must withdraw from the UN, and start a new organization that is explicitly open only to those nations that share our philosophy of liberty and pluralism. As long as we work with the UN, we aid our own enemies." GOP Bloggers

Now that cowardly France has once again stabbed us in the back (remember what they did to Colin Powell and to the USA just prior to the UN resolution on Iraq?) and withdrawn their offer of 5000 soldiers to disarm Hezbollah (they are now offering 200 and no disarming), what we actually have in France is a European representative of Islamic terrorism on the Security Council. This is another reason to add to all those cited to quit the UN and develop a responsible world organization. I would propose that initial membership be limited to the Coalition of the Willing.

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At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Joe Alves Jr. said...

I couldn't agree with this more. Very well said, Jonathan R.


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