Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some Disturbing Pictures For Those in Denial

More and more evidence is coming in that the loss of life at Qana was largely set up and stage-managed by Hezbollah (road blocks by Hezbollah to stop civilians from leaving; the same man appears in many photos of several supposedly different areas of Qana; a dead child is shown who had been dead for at least two days; the time stamps on some of the photos don’t mesh with the timeline, etc., etc., etc.,). I’ll wait this out until more information is available, and an investigation is completed, but here below are some startling pictures for those still in denial about what the civilized world is up against. I lead off with a picture of a United Nation’s command post in Lebanon before Israel retaliated against the Hezbollah attacks. Notice that both the UN flag and the FLAG OF HEZBOLLAH are flying above the post.

Most of these pictures were taken at a Muslim demonstration in Great Britain a couple of days ago. Pictures courtesy of Gabe DiTomasso.

Of Course, Politicians Shake Hands With Lots of People; Anyone Ever See Kofi Annan Shake Hands With An Israeli Leader?

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