Monday, July 17, 2006

Commit Suicide Says the Times As Israel Fights for Its Life

Predictably, as tiny, democratic Israel fights again for its life against Islamic terrorists on all sides, the Europeans and the American mainstream press blame the victims. Was Israel threatening Gaza? No; at great cost, it left to the Palestinians a workable territory with many functioning farms and businesses that have now been destroyed by fanatics who want nothing to do with a peaceful and productive life. Was Israel threatening Lebanon? No; not unless you count just being there and occupying the territory mandated by the UN in 1947 as composing a threat.

There are two obvious reasons for the upside-down stance of the Europeans: 1. anti-Semitism, which constantly distorts their views, and 2, fear of retribution by terrorists and by the countries that control the oil spigots. The reasons for the histrionic, harsh criticisms of Israel by the usual suspects in the American media (led, of course, by the NY Times) are incomprehensible, given that any country has a right to defend itself against such attacks as have been carried out by Hezbollah from the north and Hamas from the south.

If Israel is really serious about finishing off Hezbollah and does it, they will finally free Lebanon from control of this terrorist organization, funded by Iran and controlled by Syria. Lebanon, which recently made its own moves to reclaim its former position as the “Switzerland of the Middle East", would finally regain its independence after 30 years of occupation. Both Iran and Syria would find its nasty adventure with its puppets backfiring on them. Isn't it remarkable, also, that the American Army in Iraq is positioned to prevent Iran from shipping military goods through Iraq to Syria and that Israel itself also has its leftist copperheads?

The intensity of the Israeli response to open declarations of war by the two terrorist groups must have surprised the plotters, and the response by some other Arab League countries must also have been an unpleasant surprise:

Jul 15, 4:02 PM EDT
Arab League Split on Support for Hezbollah
Associated Press Writer

"CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Foreign ministers of 18 Arab countries passed a resolution Saturday calling on the U.N. Security Council to intervene to stop escalating Mideast fighting.

Despite the unanimous vote, delegates at the emergency meeting bickered over the legitimacy of Hezbollah, a dramatic rift over an Israeli action against one of their own that usually would have united them.

Instead of lending their full support to the Lebanese militant group, as demanded by Lebanese and Syrian delegates, Arab ministers displayed frustration and declared the Mideast peace process as "dead," blaming Israel for its demise.

"The Middle East peace process has failed," said Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa. "We are going to the Security Council - this is a unanimous position - to discuss the whole situation from scratch."

Moderate states led by the region's political and economic heavyweight Saudi Arabia lashed out at Hezbollah for starting the recent fight, while hard-liner Syria defended its ally.

"These acts will pull the whole region back ... and we cannot simply accept them," Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal told his counterparts, according to delegates who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the meeting.
Hezbollah's attacks on Israel, including the capture of two Israeli soldiers Wednesday and rocket barrages, were "unexpected, inappropriate and irresponsible acts," one delegate said.

Supporting his stance were representatives of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, the Palestinian Authority, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, he said.
" AP

Can one dare to hope that the United States will remain firm in its support for Israel, and will not only provide it with logistical and intelligence support (including Patriot anti-missile defensive systems), but if the opportunity presents itself to help them forcefully accomplish regime change in Iran and Syria, we will not shrink from the task because of the hysteria this will cause in our left-wing press?

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At 4:19 PM, Blogger Papa Pete said...

Hi Russell,

Good article on the threat Israel faces. If you read the mainstream media you would think it's all Israel's fault. I couldn't believe it when Israel gave back the Gaza. I thought it was a terrible mistake. But the Israeli Gov't felt it would hopefully appease the Palestinians and help the peace process. Unfortunately they were wrong and now the world condems them for fighting back against these relentless missle attacks.

I too hope we stand with the Israelis included giving them and air support,weapons and if necessary troops. We are in a glolal war on terror and the only way to win is to defeat them once and for all.

You have a great blog. I'll link to you from my blog.

Keep spreading the truth!

Papa Pete


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