Sunday, June 25, 2006

Good! I Thought We Were Only Detaining Swedish Grandmothers

Two recent news items provide a certain insight:
First Item:

“A group of Muslim and Arab-Americans, frustrated by what they say is the climate of suspicion and fear that dogs their re-entry into the United States from trips abroad, sued the Department of Homeland Security and the F.B.I. yesterday, demanding that the courts protect their civil rights.

The seven main plaintiffs in the class action suit assert that both the United States Congress and the federal government are ignoring the plight of innocent Americans harassed repeatedly because of problems with the terrorist watch list.
The lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court in Chicago by the American Civil Liberties Union, contends that the courts alone can ensure that antiterrorism policies do not repeatedly subject ordinary Americans to detention, questioning, fingerprinting and the like.

"These are law-abiding citizens, and it is too extreme, too offensive," said Harvey Grossman, the legal director for the A.C.L.U.'s Illinois branch, saying that repeated complaints to Homeland Security as well as senators or congressmen barely get a response. "The court is the only forum where these people have a chance to get a hearing."

The lawsuit asserts that repeated border detentions and improper actions of border guards violate the plaintiffs' constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure and their right to travel.

Civil rights lawyers and government officials note that the courts have often struck down efforts to limit the scope of searches or questioning by border agents. But at least one other suit, a New York case involving five Muslim Americans who were detained without explanation after returning from a religious conference in Toronto, is proceeding.” New York Times

Profiling is one of those words that has entered the lore of political correctness. Horrors! Not profiling! Let’s not look more closely at those who have traits in common with most criminals or with terrorists. Let’s waste our precious police and anti-terrorism resources examining Swedish grandmothers or my Aunt Irene with the same intensity as we examine young, Muslim men, who just happen to be the ones who are killing us. If there is a problem, let the here-to-fore silent majority of ‘peaceful’ Muslims correct the problem by shutting down the violent jihads going on around the world. Notice also that these complaining men suffered some inconveniences; they are not languishing forever in Saddam-type jails and torture chambers.

Second news item:

“The government has released the indictment for the seven men (all Muslims) arrested in Miami last night, and the charges levied do not mince words. The government will charge the men with "levying war against the government of the United States":
A federal indictment against seven men revealed Friday details of what the government said was a plan intended to "kill all the devils we can."

The mission was intended to be "as good or greater than 9/11," beginning with the destruction of Chicago's Sears Tower, according to court documents obtained Friday by CNN.

Named in the grand jury indictment is Narseal Batiste, who allegedly told a federal undercover agent, who he thought was a member of al Qaeda, that he was organizing a mission to build an Islamic army to wage a jihad in the United States.
The document says that Batiste "recruited and supervised individuals in order to organize and train for a mission to wage war against the United States government, which included a plot to destroy by explosives the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois," the nation's tallest building.”

Mohammed Atta was found to have made 10 trips, mostly from the USA to Prague just before 9/11. Although these Miami jerks are home-grown and appear to be the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, if they were not caught, they would undoubtedly have linked up with foreign jihadists – traveling, like Mohammed Atta did, back and forth overseas, to formulate plans and carry out murderous programs of Al-Queda. We are all safer tonight.

Norman Mineta, Sec. of Transportation, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
God, I hate the ACLU.

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