Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Attempt by Democrats to Steal Florida

Not content with their hypocrisy on the Mark Foley situation (considering their responses to the Gerry Studds, Barney Frank and Bill Clinton escapades), the Democrats in Florida have launched a campaign to keep voters in the dark on November 7. Since the ballots are already printed with Foley’s name, a vote for Foley goes to the Republican substitute, Joe Negron. It seems obvious that voters should be informed of this, but the same party that rejects voter identification, rejects the counting of soldiers’ ballots and lobbies for felon voting, is preventing the voters in Florida from getting this information.


Democrats sue to block Foley notice at polls
By KEVIN DALE, Herald Tribune
Oct 14, 2006

“The Florida Democratic Party has challenged the decision of election officials to post polling-place notices that inform voters that a vote for Mark Foley will count toward Joe Negron, the Republicans' replacement congressional candidate.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Leon County, has both parties trading accusations of voter manipulation, and will bring the already bizarre contest for the 16th Congressional District, which includes most of Charlotte County, into the courts….

Negron, a six-year state legislator from Stuart, was quickly named as Foley's replacement. But because of a quirk in the state's election laws, Foley's name must remain on the ballot.

The secretary of state's office said any notice, whatever form it takes, is simply a nonpartisan measure designed to let voters know who is actually running.

"It's not about a specific candidate. It's not about a political party," said Jenny Nash, spokeswoman for Secretary Cobb. "It's just common sense: letting the voters know about that change."

Nash noted that similar notices were posted in 2004, when Democratic congressional candidate Robin Rorapaugh replaced Jim Stork, who ended his challenge to U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw shortly before the election because of health reasons.

Notices alerting voters to the change were posted in Broward County, Nash said. "The Democrats didn't have a problem when the supervisors posted notices for their replacement candidate," Nash said

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At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Joe Alves Jr. said...

As usual, the Democrats want their cake and eat it too. Where's the outcry from them concerning "Dingy" Harry Reid's suspect land deal? They know how to whine and carry on about the Mark Foley scandal. As one Senator put it, when Teddy Kennedy started shooting his mouth off and asking Denny Hastert to step down; "At least Denny Hastert never killed anyone!" That remark took the wind out of the "Liberal Lion's" sails and shut Kennedy up. Touche'!!!


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