Friday, September 30, 2005

Links to All Archived Articles of 2005

Forget Abortion; They’re Coming After You Next
Is It Any Wonder I Consider the ACLU A Most Dangerous Organization?
Please ACLU, Don’t Get Me Killed Saving My Civil Liberties
Another Symbol of American History and Religion Falls

America the Beautiful
All Is Not Lost; In Fact, Life is Pretty Good
Grandma Was a Corker; Grandpa Was No Slouch Either
What's So Great About America
I'm In Favor of the Payment of Reparations
I Love Ben Stein

The Poisonous Federal Involvement in Education

Eminent Domain
Thoughts on Stealing Your Land by Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain Up Close and Personal

Global Warming
The Trouble with the Global Warming Controversy
Shocking News About the Kyoto Treaty
USA Leads on Effective Global Warming Measures

Liberals vs Conservatives
Proof Conservatives Donate More Than Liberals Do
Why In the World Would Anyone Support Senator McCain?
Free Speech Is Under Siege
The Triumph of Rush Limbaugh and Me
9/11 Memorials Being Hijacked by Terrorist Sympathizers
Special Report: Same Day President Calls for Solidifying Victory, Pelosi Urges Surrender
What is Actually Wrong With The Democrats? Are They Really This Stupid? Are They Really This Deceitful?
The Incredible Deceit of Some Democrat Senators, But Not All
The Attempted Impeachment of the President Implodes
Great! First They Shut Down the CIA; Now the Senate
The Criminalization of Republican Politicians
I Heard A Nice Lady Call Rush Limbaugh Today
The Inconvenience of Certain Facts
It's More Than Just Liberals and Conservatives
The War Between Left and Right
I Wish I could Have Said This As Well As Rush Did
Sandy Berger's Pants and 9/11
The Best Explanation I’ve Seen on Tom Delay’s Indictment
Clinton Revises History; President Bush Responds
More Katrina Lies and Other Abominations
Understanding the Hatred of Roberts and America by Some on the Left
I Must Defend the President and New Orleans from Katrina Smears
Senator Nelson Likes $5 Gas That No One Can Get

Two Wins for America on 9/11 Memorials; Multiculturalism Loses
The American Race
Multiculturalism And The London Bombings
Every August the Ghouls Come Out
Multiculturalism Is the Poison That Could Kill Us

The Pendulum Turns on Darwinism and Good and Evil
Darwinism Revisited
President Bush and Intelligent Design

The Great Republican Illusion
The Political Virus and a Flu Pandemic
Simmer Down and Think about Harriet Miers
Bush Deserves Criticism Not on Katrina but on Immigration

Some Interesting Graphics, Pictures and Cartoons
For a New Englander, the Greatest Sports Picture of All Time
Don't Tell FBI Agents Anything About Anything
The Great Contrasts of My Year Last Year
How to Make Your Web Surfing 10X Faster
SSI and The Time Value of Money
Ted Williams Head

Society in General
They Don't Make Baseball Like That Anymore
If I Should Die Before I Wake, I Pray The Lord My Soul To Take
The Established Religion of the United States
Rick Santorum Gets It; Kennedy and Kerry Don’t
Some Good News about America For a Change

War On Muslim Terrorism
A Happy New Year With Some Good News
I Remember Robert Stethem
The New York Times Must Be Stopped
A Patriot Acts By Ben Stein
Headlines You Never Saw and Hopefully Never Will
The Slander of US Forces on the Eve of the Election
Not Every European Cowers In His Wine Cellar
The French Are Late to the Party, but Starting to Get It
Happy Thanksgiving to All with Special Thanks to American Soldiers and to Michael Yon
If We Lose This War on Terror, We Lose the America We Know
SHOULD WE PULL OUT OF IRAQ? by Mason P. Wilson, Jr.
What's a president to do?
The Religion of Peace?
Peaceful Muslims Need to Make Some Changes
President Bush's Magnificent Speech on Confronting Islamic Terrorism
Muslim Stamp Continues to Raise Objections Undermining Bush’s Policies
President Bush Has a Big Problem
I Can't Imagine Anything Worse Than This Iraq War
Keep the FBI's Feet to the Fire on Anthrax Attacks
September 11, 2001 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Meanwhile Progress Continues As Iraq's Sunnis Register to Vote in Droves

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