Thursday, September 01, 2005

Multiculturalism Is the Poison That Could Kill Us

Multiculturalism, the opposite of the melting pot, is the concept that all cultures have equal value, and, therefore, immigrants to America should not be assimilated because American culture is no better than the culture they sacrificed everything to escape. If this seems illogical and ridiculous, it doesn’t seem to matter because this is what is being taught to many American children. To make things worse, multiculturalism proponents usually carry this a major step further. They proclaim that American culture is evil because some of our forefathers engaged in some of the same behaviors the rest of the world practiced: we had slaves; we conquered; we protected our interests; we succeeded.

Balkanization, of course, is another word for the extremes of multiculturalism, and the dissolution and deadly upheavals of Yugoslavia can be laid directly at multiculturalism’s door. Here in the USA we do not seem to be in any such danger (except possibly in California), because we have not yet carried multiculturalism to the degree it has been practiced in other countries – Great Britain and Australia, for example. The rise of Islamic terrorism, however, gives new urgency to fighting off those who would divide our country to well-meaning, but disastrous ends.

This is part of an August 15, 2005 column in the “Australian” by John Stone:

“SINCE London's July 7 bombings, the federal Government has been under pressure to address Australia's rapidly growing Muslim problem. But it clearly still wants to avoid the real issues: the need to abandon outright our official multiculturalism policies and the need to sharply reduce, to the point of virtually halting, further inflow of people whose culture (Islam) is such that there can be no realistic hope of them ever integrating into Australian society.

A YouGov poll among Britain's Muslims immediately after the July 7 bombings (London's The Daily Telegraph, July 23) found 6 per cent believed them fully justified. A further 24 per cent, while not condoning the bombings, expressed sympathy with the feelings and motives of their perpetrators. Some 32 per cent believe "Western society is decadent and immoral" and "Muslims should seek to bring it to an end"
How do our multiculturalism apologists ignore such figuring? Even if they feel their own, typically comfortable lives aren't in much danger, don't they care about other Australians (for example, those using public transport) likely to be killed or maimed when calamity strikes? Don't they have children, or grandchildren, who will live in an increasingly Muslim-influenced Australia?”

On the other hand, because we have not yet let multiculturalism run wild in the USA, Paul Campos in the August 30, 2005 issue of “Rocky Mountain News” could say, “Whatever the truth may be, we should not lose sight of the fact that a nation (USA) that is home to approximately 3 million Arab-Americans and 2 million Muslims has failed to produce any sign of the sort of indigenous Islamic terrorist groups that were behind the Bali, Madrid and London bombings.”

America is a land of shared values, shared traditions and a common language - English. Our immigrants should be encouraged to honor as much of their old culture as they wish, but mainly they should be helped to assimilate and share the American dream. In the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles, the written test for a driver’s license is given in 27 different languages. We could start by ending this practice. We could stop the foolishness.

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At 5:30 AM, Anonymous steve said...

I think when you go to someone elses's house, you follow their rules....or you DON'T GO!

PS - I like the new cartoon link.

At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Josiah said...

This is a scandalous yet truthful thought that deals with the problem at the root cause!

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous steve said...

I need to add that multiculturalism cannot apply to Islamic fundamentalists. By definition, it's a condition where coexistence exists while maintaining cultural differences. Islamic teachings would not allow the coexistence. Thus, they should not even be welcome.


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