Monday, September 12, 2005

Understanding the Hatred of Roberts and America by Some on the Left

The raw hatred spewed by the NARAL ad attacking Judge Roberts was almost physically hurtful to view. How have we come to this point – where a leftist political organization thinks it is acceptable to air such cruel lies about and try to destroy a decent man? How can a university professor like Ward Churchill refer to the victims of 9/11 as “little Eichmanns who got what was coming to them”? At least when Senator McCarthy, back in the 1950’s, tried to destroy people, he thought he was saving America. These people would destroy us.

I submit that much of this vicious rage stems from years of proselytizing by teachers, professors and politicians who believe and teach that America is an evil place. I see my grandchildren being exposed to it in the public schools. I witnessed it on the part of fellow-professors in the college where I taught – a college that was operated by the Catholic Church, no less. The problem is, it stems from an ignorance of a wider view of history or from distortions of history that are being passed on. It also stems from holding America not just to high standards, but to impossible standards.

For example, much is made of the fact that we supported Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war. This was the lesser of two evils since Iran was considered a greater threat to us than Iraq at that time. The lesser-of-two-evils concept is well-known and universally practiced by all nations in the conduct of their foreign policy. We also supported dictators when they allied with us to oppose worldwide communism, at a time when the Soviet Union represented the greatest threat to the USA. Again, this was the lesser of two evils.

Much is also made of the fact that we once had slavery in this country, forgetting, conveniently, that slavery has been practiced in every civilization in history, and still goes on in some places. That Western culture was the first culture voluntarily to end slavery, and we gave up 600,000 lives in the process, does not seem to register with these people. This poisonous view of history has a name; it is called “multiculturalism”, and it is the belief that other cultures are equal to or superior to ours. It was and is still the “melting pot” that makes America great. Multiculturalism, left unchecked, can lead to the Balkanization and destruction of our wonderful country.

I want nothing more than for my grandchildren to have the same freedoms and opportunities that I have had, and I don’t want them to spend their lives trapped in a brew of self-loathing because their forefathers did things everyone else of their time did – and did them better.

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