Saturday, November 19, 2005

SHOULD WE PULL OUT OF IRAQ? by Mason P. Wilson, Jr.

Lets put aside politics and think of the ramifications of a withdrawal from Iraq. What’s best for the country? Our children? Our grandchildren and the generations to come? First, if we pull out, will the terrorists take over Iraq and the Middle East? Most likely! Will they withhold oil from the American infidels? Most likely! Will the rest of the Middle East fall prey to the terrorists? Most likely! We seem to forget what the Middle East was like before 9/11. We seem to forget that appeasement of the terrorist only results in additional terrorist acts. Begin with Carter when he bumbled the U.S. Embassy in Iran. That appeasement led to the bombing in Beirut, the Cole and a host of other that eventually ending up with 9/11.

Remember the condition of the Middle-East prior to 9/11? Years ago the terrorists shot and killed Anwar Sadat, president of Egypt for signing the Israeli accord. Afghanistan was headed by the Taliban, Pakistan was overrun by militant Muslims, Saudi Arabia was frozen in terror and afraid of a rebellion of the militant Muslims, Indonesia was held hostage to them as well as the rest of the middle east. All of these countries have made significant advances in controlling the militant Muslims since we invaded Iraq. Only Syria and Iran are presently controlled by them. If you don’t think that the terrorists can take over the Middle-East just look at the recent evidence showing that Tehran is backing most of the terrorists presently in Iraq. Even Russia is getting angry with Iran over their intransigence over nuclear weapons. For much of the criticism over the Iraqis not wanting us, just think of the voter turnout for their elections, it puts us to shame.

Are we willing to betray all of the Middle-Eastern people and governances who have undeniably embraced the concepts of a democracy? What do you think of the shining example of democracy feeding them to the insurgency? Perhaps Karl Marks was right, when he said the seeds of the destruction of a democracy are sown in its very concept. Today, unfortunately, I am beginning to think he was right.

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At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Joe Alves said...

The trouble with these Liberal gutless wonders that we have down in Congress, is that they keep on complaining about the casualties that our troops are having to endure in Iraq on almost a daily basis, and they offer no suggestions on how to fight these Islamo Fascious, or whatever you want to call these fools who strap on bombs and kill themselves and their own people. Well, I have the solution to all our problems, and their's too. Solution: Take all the Left Wing idiots, and I don't have to name them, because you've probably read some of my words on this site, so you know who they are, and,---Ship their sorry butts off to Iraq for our troops to utilize them in their door to door searches for terrorists. Our troops can open the door just wide enough to shove one of these fools in first. Now, that way, we can cut down on the casualties to our troops and get rid of most of these Left Wing pinheads at the same time.

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous steve said...

nice article.

I agree with your point but the longer term impact is much more significant that the impact to "just" the middle east. Longer term, it is it's impact worldwide including the "western" countries.


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