Friday, December 02, 2005

The French Are Late to the Party, but Starting to Get It

Here is presented a series of related stories that illustrate the dangers of the disintegration of society that multiculturalism causes – dangers my viewers know I harp on often:

By Emmanuel Georges-Picot
2:30 p.m. November 29, 2005

PARIS – The French premier on Tuesday announced tightened controls on immigration, part of his government's response to the country's worst civil unrest in four decades.

Authorities will increase enforcement of requirements that immigrants seeking 10-year residency permits or French citizenship master the French language and integrate into society, Dominique de Villepin said.

France also plans to crack down on fraudulent marriages that some immigrants use to acquire residency rights and launch a stricter screening process for foreign students, Villepin said.

And in the Providence Journal:

“On Sept. 11, 2001, our nation came under attack by Islamic totalitarians who hate the distinctive values of Western civilization that America so proudly embraces -- reason, science, individual rights and capitalism -- and who targeted the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as symbols of those values.

These attacks could not be dismissed as aberrant acts by a lone band of zealots -- not after it became clear how widely that same festering hatred of Western values is felt in the Muslim world, where Osama bin Laden is embraced as a folk hero, terrorists receive help from sympathetic governments, and the United States is perpetually damned as the Great Satan.

We cannot win a war in which Islamic totalitarians loudly proclaim that their way of life is superior while liberals trot out the clichés of multiculturalism -- claiming that there is no objective standard by which to judge a society good or evil -- and conservatives play down the religious motives driving Islamic terrorism, clinging to the notion that religion promotes peace, despite blood-soaked centuries of evidence to the contrary.” Thomas A. Bowden

And in the Washington Times:

“A magazine cover story about postmodern life on the American college campus depicts three monkeys in cap and gown, covering their ears, eyes and mouth, a parody of the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil caricature. But students at many colleges actually get quite the opposite. They're required to hear, see, speak and study all about evil, as long as it's the evil oppression of everybody in American society.

Parents, inoculate yourselves. It may be too late for your children.

There's an emphasis on multicultural studies and few campuses have escaped the disease, and it's not Halloween. The title of a course taught to undergraduates in American studies at New York University, for example, is called "Intersections: Gender Race and Sexuality in U.S. History and Politics." You might think this is a strange way to get at American history. The class spends a week analyzing the murder of Teena Brandon (aka Brandon Teena), a young woman who pretended to be a man, and includes the screening of the movie, "Boys Don't Cry," the narrative version.

The following week students study the life and murder of Tupac Shakur, the "gangsta" rapper whose rough and raw lyrics glorified drugs, abusing women and the violence that finally took his life. There's "Queer Lives and Culture," "Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora," and a discussion of the relationship of gender, race and war in Haiti through the lens of "Military Occupation and the Culture of U.S. Imperialism." One teaching assistant of this course describes herself as an "anti-racist queer activist feminist." That covers just about everything, except the tuition for a year at NYU, which parents shell out $40,000.
"Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Afro-American Studies, Women's Studies, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Studies," writes Roger Kimball, author of "Tenured Radicals," in New Criterion magazine, "are not the names of academic disciplines but political grievances... Parents are alarmed, rightly so, at the spectacle of their children going off to college one year and coming back the next having jettisoned every moral, religious, social and political scruple they have been brought up to believe." These studies inhibit debate, corrupt young minds and infect learning with a virus for which, like bird flu, there is not yet an antidote.” Suzanne Fields

Most normal, decent, hard-working Americans had not even heard the term, “multiculturalism”, until a few years ago. We were slow to wake up to the extent to which the guilt-ridden, hate-America crowd had been undermining the foundations of our country. This horde is now solidly entrenched in the mainstream media, in our public schools and in our formerly-great colleges and universities, indoctrinating our children to despise everything that made this country a beacon in the world. When Michael Moore and Senator Durbin call our soldiers and our President, “Nazis”, it is a product of their multicultural upbringing. Our only hope may lie with the many hundreds of conservative bloggers who now fight against this corrosive influence on a daily basis.

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At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Joe Alves said...

Why can't this government step in and put and end to all this nonsense? According to Bill O'Reilly, The New York Times is revealing the names of countries that CIA planes are landing at. The general public doesn't need to know this, and frankly I have no interest in it either, but this kind of action by a newspaper is traitorous and can have a very adverse affect on these countries. This free speech crap is only working in favor of radical Liberals, and Fascist organizations like the ACLU. This needs to stop.


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