Friday, September 23, 2005

Please ACLU, Don’t Get Me Killed Saving My Civil Liberties

The ACLU has become so divorced from any semblance of common sense, it should be opposed on every front. This organization, which is trying to destroy the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, is now trying to interfere with attempts on the part of local authorities to protect good Samaritans from criminals mixed in with Katrina refugees.

Rhode Island recently greeted more than 100 refugees. State police did criminal background checks on every refugee and found that more than half had criminal arrest records — a third of them for felonies. In South Carolina, state police checked every evacuee flown there by the government. Of 547 people checked, 301 had criminal records, according to Robert Stewart, state Law Enforcement Division Chief.

The state police in West Virginia said roughly half of the nearly 350 Katrina victims evacuated by the government to that state had criminal records, and 22 percent have a history of committing a violent crime. The state police in West Virginia said roughly half of the nearly 350 Katrina victims evacuated by the government to that state had criminal records, and 22 percent have a history of committing a violent crime.

In Massachusetts, where about 200 evacuees were flown to a military base on Cape Cod, criminal background checks turned up six sex offenders and one man wanted for rape in Louisiana. Two of the sex offenders have since left the state, said Katie Ford, a spokeswoman for the state public safety office. The rape suspect was being held on $250,000 bail.

"It's a balancing act," said Kyle Smith, deputy director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. "We don't want to treat them like criminals after they have been traumatized, but we want to make sure they are in no danger nor the families they are housed with."

If this makes sense to you, contrast that to what ACLU attorneys think, as they move to prevent these background checks. “These checks amount to thinly veiled race and class discrimination against people who have suffered already.”
"I think it's happening partly because who these people are and where they came from," said Steve Brown, executive director of the Rhode Island ACLU. "The mere fact that people have past criminal records in and of itself doesn't say anything about harm to the community."

This loony attitude by ACLU leaders comes after throwing their support and resources to defending NAMBLA (an organization that encourages male pedophiles to molest young boys) in a lawsuit brought by the family of Jeffrey Curley. Jeffrey’s killers did not simply read NAMBLA's materials and ponder its message. Salvatore Sicari and Charles Jaynes actively sought a boy with whom to copulate; then they picked 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley of Cambridge, Massachusetts. They lured him into their car as he played outside his home in October 1997. When Curley resisted their sexual advances, they choked him to death with a gasoline-soaked rag. Then they took the boy's body across state lines to Jayne's apartment in Manchester, New Hampshire. They molested the cadaver and stuffed it into a cement-filled Rubbermaid container. Jaynes and Sicari were convicted of these crimes in 1998, for which they are serving life sentences.

Now if you think that this is a terrible crime, but just because an organization publishes a web site celebrating sex between men and young boys shouldn’t make them liable for the consequences of their advocacy, listen to the extent that NAMBLA carries this grotesque message:

NAMBLA is "not just publishing material that says it's OK to have sex with children and advocating changing the law," says Larry Frisoli, a Cambridge attorney who is arguing the Curleys case in federal court. NAMBLA, he says, "is actively training their members how to rape children and get away with it. They distribute child pornography and trade live children among NAMBLA members with the purpose of having sex with them."

Frisoli cites a NAMBLA publication he calls "The Rape and Escape Manual." Its actual title is "The Survival Manual: The Man's Guide to Staying Alive in Man-Boy Sexual Relationships." "Its chapters explain how to build relationships with children," Frisoli tells me. "How to gain the confidence of children's parents. Where to go to have sex with children so as not to get caught...There is advice, if one gets caught, on when to leave America and how to rip off credit card companies to get cash to finance your flight. It's pretty detailed."

"In his diary, Jaynes said he had reservations about having sex with children until he discovered NAMBLA," Frisoli continues. "It's in his diary in 1996, around the time he joined NAMBLA, one year before the death of Jeffrey Curley."

Again I say to the ACLU, “Please stop protecting my rights before you kill me or some member of my family”; and I say to those who support and send money to the ACLU, “they are no longer a worthy cause; you are supporting a form of domestic terrorism”.

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At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ACLU is nothing but a Fascist organization that this country can do without. The people who make up the ACLU, along the extreme Left, share the same sickness in this society, which is a mental disorder.

At 7:42 PM, Anonymous worried american said...

I HATE THE ACLU!! I am so sick and tired of all these Humanitarian groups making sure the insurgents are being treated properly. Have they demanded the same from the insurgents when they take hostages??? Of course not. It makes me sick


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