Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Heard A Nice Lady Call Rush Limbaugh Today

I heard a nice lady call Rush Limbaugh today to complain about the disdain in which he holds liberals. She felt that she was a nice person and didn’t appreciate some of the terms he was using. She felt that conservatives had gone after President Clinton just as viciously as some liberals attack President Bush. I won’t go into the exchange that went on except to say that, as usual, Rush pointed out the differences very adroitly, but her call got me thinking.

She was a nice lady, and I’ve met a lot of nice ladies who are liberals. When you get to know them, you invariably find that their liberalism is a product of the niceness of their natures and of the guilt that they feel. Their liberalism is not based on a realistic appraisal of the world we live in, but is rooted in existentialism – it’s based on feelings, not facts. Their guilt is based on some distortions of history that we are a “bad” country. We’ve made some mistakes, but our ancestors didn’t do anything that everyone else in the world did in the times they lived; they just did it better.

Sometimes it’s so frustrating to discuss things with a liberal that you want to just give up. They aren’t interested in any ‘facts’ that don’t support their positions. You can point out how many independent studies by newspaper organizations investigated the 2000 election in Florida hoping to pin something on Bush, and every one ended up concluding Bush won, and still they say, “selected, not elected”. (By the way, I’ll bet none of you have seen anything in the Main Stream Media about the 16 Democrat election workers convicted of voter fraud or similar charges in the St. Louis area this past year. This past week an obstruction of justice and plotting to murder a government voter fraud witness can be added to that list of Democrat convictions)

You can point out the thorough investigations of possible voter fraud in Ohio in 2004, and they still say, “Ohio was stolen”. You can point out the conclusions of the 9/11 Commission report that linked Saddam to Islamic terrorism, and they’ll say, “no connection”. You can point out that most western countries and many leading Democrats insisted that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and needed to be removed, and they’ll say, “Bush lied”.

Interesting also has been their reaction to the progress made in Iraq. When the election was nearing they said, “the people will be afraid of the terrorists and the Sunnis won’t vote at all”. When so many Iraqis braved death to vote in January, they said, “that’s good, but the important thing will be the Constitution, and the Sunnis won’t let it pass”. When the Constitution passed, they said, “that’s pretty good, but the important thing will be the election in December”. What will be their next lame set of talking points? Their hatred of the President knows no bounds, and distorts everything they see. (By the way, the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq said on Saturday it had found no instances of serious fraud in an October 15 constitutional referendum and was still verifying some results only because of statistical issues. BAGHDAD, Reuters)

Unfortunately, most of the Main Stream Media is leftist, and will spin or won’t report favorable events – only the bad things that happen. As Victor Hanson said in a National Review piece on 10/21/05, “The Western media was relatively quiet about the quite amazing news from the recent trifecta in Iraq: very little violence on election day, Sunni participation, and approval of the constitution. Those who forecasted that either the Sunnis would boycott, or that the constitution would be — and should be — rejected, stayed mum.

There is a really great article today by Thomas Sowell that explains, better than I can, why committed liberals do not respond to logic and facts. You can read it here.

The really interesting thing, from my point of view, is that I learned many years ago just how much we need liberals in order to make progress. Progress comes from dissatisfaction in the way things are; progress comes from creative people having visions of how to make things better. I’m a conservative, but I know that liberals are more likely to come up with creative ideas than are conservatives.

We are all in this together, and these are dangerous times. If the Islamofascists win in Iraq because we withdraw before the fledgling Iraqi democracy can sustain itself, we will face ever increasing terrorism around the world and here at home, and we may end up unable to protect the oil routes through the Gulf. We need to be more together; we need to hold ourselves to high standards, but not impossible standards; and we need to recover the attitude that politics stop at the water’s edge, or we’re going to lose what others have won for us so dearly.

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At 9:29 AM, Anonymous steve said...

Just this last Sunday, I watched Dean on "this week". When speaking about the elections, he again referenced the last two elections as "one which we actually won"


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