Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Wish I could Have Said This As Well As Rush Did

Occasionally Rush Limbaugh is so eloquent in celebrating American values that I am quite moved. I missed this broadcast, but I heard about it and went to Rush’s site to read the transcript. Below I am reproducing from it a small segment of a very long answer he gave to a leftist caller. Understand that he gave this answer extemporaneously. To read the entire exchange, and it is long, go to this site.

“To sit here, to actually have the gall to call this program and advance something you think as an intellectual argument that Cindy Sheehan's cause is noble, because the president's daughters aren't in Iraq, or congressmen's sons and daughters aren't in Iraq, have you no shame? Do you realize whose sons and daughters are? Do you understand it's voluntary? Do you understand these are people who are offering their lives in sacrifice for things they believe in? And what do you do? You come along and you try to disabuse them of their belief by telling them that they're wrong and that their country sucks. Well, to the extent that they think their country sucks it's because of you and your efforts to constantly undermine this country's best interests and our desires and efforts to protect the people of this country and to bring freedom to as many others in this world as possible. You people on the left used to be the ones that were all for civil rights around the world. You were all for human rights. Now all of a sudden you couldn't care less about the status of Iraqis. You couldn't care less. It's gotten so absurd, now that Howard Dean said on TV that if this new constitution is enacted as written, that the women of Iraq are going to be worse off than they were under Saddam Hussein.

Do you realize how patently absurd and bordering on insane that comment is? No, you don't. Because you think so little of your own country, you think so little of this president, you have such little faith in the ideals that have combined to make this a great country, that you assume it's worse here than anywhere else, and the places that it is bad is because of us, either through environmental pollution, or whatever cockamamie, asinine, stupid, ignoramus idea you can come up with. It's gotten to the point now where it is common to go on Democrat websites and read about the pleasure it would bring if the president were assassinated. It is now common to read letters to the editors in newspapers which say it would be fun if bin Laden actually came over here and slit Bush's throat, which is what a supporter of Sheehan wrote to a letter of the editor in one of the newspapers in this country. Yes, it would have been better if bin Laden would have just come here and slit Bush's throat. Do you have any idea how you people are perceived? Do you have the slightest idea how the decent people who make this country work perceive you? It is not with any respect. It is with contempt and it's with sorrow. But it's also with this realization: This country, if it is to survive, cannot be turned over to you people to lead and to run, because we will cease to exist as the United States the day that happens, and mark my word. It ain't going to happen.”

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At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that anyone could say it like Rush. He's right on the money with this one. Cindy Sheehan's son must be rolling over in his grave! That boy is a hero in my eyes, and for his mother to come right out and say that he died for nothing, is a slap in the face of every family member in this country who has lost a son or daughter in this war. Mrs. Sheehan, your a disgrace to your son's great memory. This country would be better off without yellow cowards like you!

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is fairly obvious that Rush Limbaugh/Rove/Hannity/Goebbles, et. al., are playing the "patriot" card to hide the truth and you're own sentiment is clouding real judgement. A) Right now it IS a volunteer military - and all American's not just Right Wing Neo-Con's hiding behind God and the Flag support our do not own that, so get off it, B) This president put OUR troops in harms way for exact reasons we're still not sure. It wasn't to end the "dictatorship of Saadam" it was WMD, then terrorist ties, then, "bad man", etc., etc. So the fact that you have no problem with the LIES to date on why we're in Iraq, when there are actually WORSE dictatorships and genocides taking place in the world does not hold water. Oil and Haliburton yes, water - no!! This war is not about SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS and Patriotism. You're soooo WRONG and you won't see past your party blindness to deal with the truth. The Propoganda that Rush/Limbaugh/Hannity/Fox/Rove spits out is for your sentiment - as if to say, "WE'RE THE PERFECT" ones using "God" as a shield for your pinhead views expounded upon by those moronic talking-heads who are no more than war profiteers - because you feed them. We, the people, Dems and Repubs think this country is great, although currently misguided by special interest religious zealots whom should keep their religion at their place of worship, not in running the goverment - a place of business - not morality. Do we think so little of our country? No. We do think very little of Bush and the theives and liars who have misled 1/2 of this country into this invasion. You want to do Christian work? Save the people in northern Africa from the genocide that's taking place there. Don't LIE to the American people and send OUR forces to invade another country to protect Haliburton and oil interests. The Limbaughs of the world we keep us in continual wars that even a great nation like ours cannot survive. And it is my belief, that your party - the moderate Republican's will strike back - as the Truth will set them free. And Rush back to a Fox hole. He makes such absolute absurd statemens such as "Democrats would love it if Bin Laden would slit Bush's throat" -- while that is Limbaugh's job on behalf of Rove and the Neo-Con Religious Zealots, it's absurd. What he should find offensive is Pat Robertson praying for the DEATHS of Supreme Court justices. Not a peep from the DITTOHEAD. BTW - Bush will have not killed more people than the terrorist attacks on 9/11. What is the war about again? Wasn't "democracy" when he sold it to the nation and the world. WMD "guaranteed they'll find them" - Didn't. "Terrorist ties?" - None. Make up your own reason for being there. WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS - WE DO NOT SUPPORT BUSH!!!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger t-ham said...

I think it is critical to point out, among the myriad statements of convoluted reality that sheehan spews, the disingenuous statement "he killed my child".

Casey was not a child, he was a man, doing a mans job, making a mans decisions that his mother had no right to second-guess.
He was in his 2nd enlistment. He wasn't some wild-eyed HS senior, revved up on John Waynesque visions instilled by some "evil" recruiter. Being in his 2nd enlistment, he had 3 years of service behind him already. Those first 3 years were ample time to disabuse him of any fantasies he may have had regarding military service. He was making decisions with his eyes open, fully aware of what the consequences of his actions were. He was not some child-victim, some helpless sap unable to cope with the events around him. He volunteered for the rescue mission that cost him his life, despite being assured by his commander that he did not have to go. His actions are an example of ideals of the highest order, a shining example of what makes us great, and a reassurance to all of us that we still have what it takes, that we will still win the day, despite the cancerous ideologies that have spread over the last 30 years, not through the general society, but the elitist sectors who do not have the good of the country at heart and wish to see us diminished. Elites who, in their arrogance, show their disdain for the members of society by their actions, actions which announce "I know what's best for you"

30 years of selfindulgent swill have weakened our resolve, 30 years of denigration of Western values and the blind exhaltation of all others, regardless of the blood they drip, have left those unable to apply critical thought confused and misguided. But the pendulum swings again, world events showing multiculturalism and moral equivalence to be the hollow shell of an flawed idea.

World events show that these concepts are not the pinnacle of some great theory, but the yawning chasm of doom of a great civilization hijacked by a self-serving elite due to the lack of vigilance on the part of society's mambers.

That this ghoul would use her sons corpse for a soapbox, and that others would use her for their ends, shows how far we have fallen. Luckily, we awake in time again.

I have served in the military, and buried my first-born, so do not presume to tell me i have no right to opine. I only wish that I could be comforted by the knowledge that my first-born rose above herself and gave her life to a cause greater than herself.

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous steve said...

I wish we could all discuss and argue without getting all extremist and holier than thou. Both the right and left do the same thing - they have a valid point...they extend it to the extreme, and it tends to lose it's original value/point.
I welcome the "opposing" view of we support troops/not Bush from above. You make some valid points - in particular that the right does not own the patriot card....I agree that the war is not about supporting our troops and patriotism, however you miss the point. There is an arguement for disagreement ending at waters edge. You may not agree, but the point is our elected officials opted for war approval. Whether we like to be there or not loses its value once we ARE there. The patriotism and troop support are obviously a given, but you miss that the support of our elected leader and our country should also have weight...there are complications as to why we are there, true. Weapons, bad man, oil, location, security, democracy?...they all have a factor....but we ARE there, we are fighting an enemy, we could just be behind our troops, our flag, AND our president.
When a person from opposing party hopes for the US to fail so that the president will ALSO fail, that's where the absurdity kicks in!

At 12:59 PM, Blogger RussWilcox said...

I hear over and over "support the troops, not the war, etc.". I don't buy it. They are in Iraq facing a deadly enemy who cannot defeat them, but basically hopes to outlast them. Every sign of division here gives their morale a boost-leading to more American and Iraqi deaths. This war was authorized by Congress and implemented by a re-elected president. You can't support the troops and not support winning the war.

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous steve said...

hooray for t-ham. Well said.

You make a valid point on the volunteers CHOICE. Very often I hear from the brave men and women...who have returned...and proclaim their continued support and willingness to return...despite knowing the incredible risk they face every single day.

It's "funny" that those who know the risks most, those who know the reality of this situation firsthand - not thru media reports , are those most in support.

They fight for a cause. They fight for our freedom. They protect our country.

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At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Jp said...

Please see the link above which is to Stephen Mansfields "Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan. He words are even more eloquent than Rush's. Almost feel out of my chair that it played on NPR.

At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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