Monday, August 15, 2005

I Love Ben Stein

For those of you who have somehow missed the writings of Ben Stein, an American enthusiast, I’d like to share him with you by directing you to his writings website: click here.

Ben Stein is an actor, an author and a commentator on political, social and financial issues. He has a quiz show, “Win Ben Stein’s Money”, and has appeared in several TV commercials and in movies including the hilarious, “ Ferris Bueller's Day Off”. He is also a frequent contributor to the magazine, “The American Spectator”,
where he maintains Ben Stein’s Diary, a running commentary on various aspects of the passing scene. I love him because of the joy and gratitude he expresses for Americans who make positive contributions to the progress and glory of America. I have his passion, but I do not have his talent. I’m not a big fan of “The American Spectator” because I feel it is too right-wing for my taste, but I check it out every weekend, hoping to catch an article or another entry in Ben Stein’s Diary.

If you want to read something uplifting and joyful about America for a change, tune in to Ben Stein.

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At 10:53 AM, Anonymous steve said...

I went to the website and read some Stein. He does cut to the chase...he is direct and well spoken...and touching.
Good reading!


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