Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Is It Any Wonder I Consider the ACLU A Most Dangerous Organization?

Once upon a time, I suppose, the ACLU had a worthwhile purpose in defending our civil rights, but somewhere along the way, its mission has become destructive to the rights of the majority and dangerous to the survival of the America we know. They defend rights, all right: the rights of Nazis to march in Skokie, the rights of child molesters to rape children in Massachusetts and to be Boy Scout Leaders in California, the right of Saddam to butcher his people and threaten our safety, the right of a high school girl in Rhode Island to wear a T-shirt to school that says “Kill Bush”, and, lately, the rights of the few atheists among us to remove all traces of religious traditions and symbols from our lives.

There was a time, in these United States, when religious extremists on the right tried to ban the teaching of evolution in the classroom. The ACLU was right to oppose this form of censorship in an action that led to the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. Contrary to the popular movie, “Inherit The Wind”, that trial did not in any way prove or disprove the theory of evolution. (In using the term ‘evolution’ I am using it in its popular sense – short for macroevolution or Darwinism, the idea that all life forms developed in a series of steps from one original life form. ‘Microevolution’, the idea that life forms change slightly over time is not in dispute by any sensible person.)

Now we have come full circle. Recent discoveries by microbiologists and other scientists have called into question the idea that all life forms came into being through ‘evolution’, and a budding science called Intelligent Design has begun to offer serious challenges to Darwinian theory. About 40 states have taken steps to let their students know, to some extent, that ‘evolution’ is a theory, that not all scientists accept it and that an alternate theory is under development. Does the ACLU support the freedom to consider such matters? Not on your life. The ACLU is leading and financing efforts across the country to stifle any consideration of these ‘dangerous’ ideas.

It should also be noted that the ACLU has been behind efforts to erase all mention and all symbols of Christmas from our lives, as well as bringing lawsuits to prevent military services from recruiting at schools and colleges.

If the ACLU has its way, we will be left without a military to defend ourselves, but we won’t have to endure hearing “Merry Christmas” from US Post Office clerks, who have recently been warned to discontinue the practice or face disciplinary action.

One bright note: efforts that resulted in renaming the capitol Christmas tree, the “Holiday” tree a few years ago have now been overturned, as Speaker Haskert made it official that the tree will once again be called the “Capitol Christmas Tree”.

Merry Christmas, ACLU.

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At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

If we all hang together and tell these fools who run these store chains, like Koles, Kmart, and Sears, that we want to see signs that read Merry Christmas, or we won't shop in their stores, they'll change their tunes real quick. Just call Sears and threaten to send them back your Sears Master Card if they don't observe Christmas. I'd love to send the ACLU a Christmas Card with a picture of the Taunton Common all decorated with the Christmas display, and put in bold letters, "Merry Christmas from Taunton, the Christmas City". I'd love to see what these Liberals are made of, when the ACLU comes knocking at the city door, and whether Kerry and Kennedy will come to our rescue. If I was to send this card, they would be surprised to find a hand with one choice finger pointing directly at them when they opened it. Make my day! I double dare you!

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous GirlieGirl said...

I thought that the ACLU was listed with the FBI as a subversive organization. Why are they allowed to say anything? They should be put in jail or shipped out of the country.
Who's listening?


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