Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Slander of US Forces on the Eve of the Election


One has to wonder, from the spate of recent events and statements, if the Democrats are now afraid that a successful election in Iraq on December 15 will rather quickly lead to unquestioned success of President Bush's Iraq policies, and that they are doing everything they can think of to make us (the USA) fail, so that he doesn't get the credit for it. Why else are they preceding the Iraq election (which follows two major successes for democracy there) with this campaign of slander and defeatism except to destroy the morale of our troops and of the 8.4 million Iraqis who voted last January under threat of death?

Slandering U.S. forces
Chuck Grist
Special to the Sentinel

December 10, 2005

Appearing on CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday, former presidential candidate and Vietnam anti-war activist John Kerry accused our soldiers of "terrorizing" Iraqi women and children. In making such an absurd allegation, he did an injustice to our service members, just as his distorted congressional testimony did over 30 years ago. It would be enlightening to see how al-Qaeda-in-Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi reacted to Kerry's comments.

After finishing his evening prayers, al-Zarqawi probably retired to his personal quarters in a safe house on the outskirts of Baghdad. Being the holy warrior that he is, he put on his smoking jacket, twisted the cap off a Budweiser and lit a Marlboro. He then looked through the news clippings of the day, chuckling to himself and raising his beer in a toast to Kerry.

Then Iraq's most wanted terrorist likely watched, for the hundredth time, the video from al-Qaeda's No. 2 man, Ayman al-Zawahri. From a hole in the hills of Pakistan, al-Zawahri exhorted him to wait patiently until the anti-war movement in the United States forced American troops to withdraw from Iraq, just as they had been pulled from Vietnam. Then, said al-Zawahri, the real fun would begin. Al-Zawahri probably laughed just before he interviewed another group of ignorant young Muslims willing to blow themselves up on his behalf.

Although one can only imagine the pleasure that the terrorists derive from the cut-and-run voices in America, it is important to remember that the insurgents are now at each others' throats because our military forces are taking them down at every turn. Some of the Sunni insurgents are actually looking for a way into the political system, distancing themselves from the brutal acts of terrorism by al-Zarqawi's thugs, acts that have killed scores of innocent Iraqi civilians.

Kerry shows tremendous ignorance in the use of tactics and common sense in warfare. He seems to think that rooting terrorists from Iraqi cities should be done as though the soldiers were selling Girl Scout cookies.

In this country, when SWAT teams with search warrants enter homes to arrest drug dealers or other criminals, everyone present -- including women, children and the elderly -- must watch as the police enter that home, sometimes forcefully, to secure anyone who could potentially be a threat to safety.

When soldiers enter homes in a war zone, they are doing so based on intelligence that enemy forces are there. These are not drug dealers, but terrorists who will kill if given the opportunity. When our forces enter such a home, they don't have time to politely make sure those inside are not praying. They are going to enter forcefully and will handcuff anyone they feel might be a threat. This could include men, women and even some older children. Once the home is secured, they will detain only those who need to be detained.

Fortunately, American troops see through the shrill rhetoric of one-dimensional politicians like Kerry. They know that such people are short-sighted and self-serving. Service members know they are making a difference in Iraq. That is just one reason the re-enlistment rate is so high.

Our men and women in uniform are committed to finishing their mission and ensuring a complete victory. They also care deeply about the Iraqi people. The acts of kindness of our soldiers are well-known in that country but under-reported everywhere else.

One day al-Zarqawi will be sitting in his safe house reading the latest edition of Playboy magazine when American soldiers smash down his door and point the muzzle of an M-4 carbine at his surprised and terror-filled face.

Some of our hand-wringing politicians may be ready to give up, but our American warriors will never quit.

Charles M. Grist is a police officer and a veteran of both Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Copyright © 2005, Orlando Sentinel

Citizens Turn Over 'Butcher of Ramadi' to Iraqi, U.S. Troops
By American Forces Press Service
Dec 9, 2005

WASHINGTON, Dec. 9, 2005 - The terrorist known as "the Butcher of Ramadi" was detained today, turned in by local citizens in the provincial capital of Iraq's Anbar province, U.S. military officials in Iraq reported.

Amir Khalaf Fanus -- listed third on a "high-value individuals" list of terrorists wanted by the 28th Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team -- was wanted for criminal activities including murder and kidnapping. Ramadi citizens brought him to an Iraqi and U.S. forces military base in Ramadi, where he was taken into custody.
Fanus was well known for his crimes against the local populace. He is the highest-ranking al Qaeda in Iraq member to be turned in to Iraqi and U.S. officials by local citizens.

His capture is another indication that the local citizens tire of the terrorists' presence within their community, Multinational Force Iraq officials said, adding that Iraqi and U.S. forces have witnessed increasing signs of citizens fighting the terrorists in Ramadi as the Dec. 15 national elections draw near.

Officials said 1,200 more Iraqi soldiers recently have been posted in Ramadi. About 1,100 Iraqi special police commandos and a mechanized Iraqi army company completed their planned movement into the city. This plan has Iraqi security forces assuming more of the security responsibilities from the U.S. forces, officials said. As in other locations, as security improves, Iraqi police also will be introduced gradually.
(From a Multinational Force Iraq news release.)
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At 9:25 AM, Anonymous steve said...

The democrat's wishes for our failure and their undermining so they can get a leg up politically is both disgusting and short-sighted on their part.

In Iraq, my fear is that the civil war grows by the day. Long abused Shiites at the hands of Sunni Bathists continue to be targeted...only now the Sunni are al Qaeda. al Qaeda targets the Shiite majority but they are getting fed up...the Shiite abuse and torture Sunni captives in retribution for long ago and for current activities...further fueling the civil war. Eventually (if not already happening), Iran steps in and takes side with their Shiite brothers. Good for the war against al Qaeda but possibly not good longterm for the destiny of Iraq rule. Seems like a losing scenario no matter what.


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