Friday, October 28, 2005

The Great Contrasts of My Year Last Year

In July, 2004 (and every July for years), this was our view from the front porch of the cottage we rent in a fishing village and beach in Rhode Island. The place is itself a study in contrasts because it is one of the most peaceful - and yet at the same time one of the most exciting - places to be. If you look closely you can see the huge, white, regular ferry boat to Block Island, and also the aqua and white high-speed ferry that goes there too. You can see fishing trawlers, lobster boats (the white boat in the foreground), sports fishermen, a small harbor cruising boat, and just out of the scene, some Coast Guard rescue boats and some just plain boats. It's not always like this; I was very lucky to catch this picture at just the right time. At other times, the fog will be in, and nothing can be seen, not even the street in front of the cottage, and only the far-off sound of the harbor-entrance fog-horn can be heard in the fog's hush.

Now then, below is a view of what was left of the pool cage (and the carports) at our home in Florida three weeks later, after Hurricane Charley went through. Our roof came off, the pool cage and the carports were destroyed, and the whole complex became uninhabitable.

A year and two months later, there is a new pool cage. New trees and shrubs are in place, carports are under construction, and all units are finished and reoccupied. A final settlement with the insurance company is still not accomplished, but it appears that, after bringing a lawsuit against them, a reasonable settlement is in sight. Those poor souls in New Orleans, who not only had hurricane winds and rain but also deep flooding, have no idea what is in store for them. They probably think that the worst is over. The black mold is just starting to bloom in the walls of all of their houses.

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At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

The pictures are great Russ,especially the first one. You were lucky to catch everything in it on that day.


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