Monday, July 11, 2005

The War Between Left and Right

At present there are at least three wars going on in the United States between those on the left and those on the right: a culture war, a political-information war, and a world-view war.

You only need to turn on your television set or radio or go to a movie to know that the left is winning the culture war. It is no accident that disgusting vulgarity and near-pornograghic casual sex fill the airways and the movie screens. It is no accident that discipline is long gone from public schools, and that young men are no longer expected to treat women with respect. It was no accident that Janice Jackson lost her halter-top during last year’s Super Bowl show.

The political-information war is another matter. The main stream media, long the arm of the Democratic Party, are losing viewers and readership as more and more people turn to talk radio, cable news and the internet to gain information and insight. Republicans have held the majority in the House of Representatives since 1994, and now hold the Senate and the Presidency. If it were not for the role of activist liberal judges, some results of this political-information trend would be reflected in the cultural war by now, but the inertia of our system and the filibustering of conservative judges has prevented this.

The world-view war is between a belief that world citizenship should prevail, held by the left, and a commitment to a continuation of a strong, nation-state posture by the United States, held by the right. This war is up for grabs, as most Democrats, aided by daily, almost comical, stories in the mainstream press and network television of abuse by U.S. soldiers, continue their attempts to bring down President Bush and to undermine the war on terror and any other strong unilateral action we might take to defend ourselves.

Those of you who support the traditional principles of the Democratic Party must work harder to wrest control of your party from those on the far left who have taken it over; moderate Republicans must get their heads out of the sand and start to stand for something; and conservatives have to fight even harder, or all that has been won and paid for with blood for over 225 years will slip away. Russ

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