Monday, August 15, 2011

We Need to Call Them Bastards Again

We have learned that they may be black, or they may be white, but one thing that links the rioters in London, Philadelphia and Wisconsin is that they are fatherless children of welfare, and they hate us. In England, more than 50% of births are to unwed mothers; in the USA it has risen to over 40%.

Senator Moynihan, who coined the phrase, “defining deviancy down”, warned us that this was coming. Children, particularly boy children, need fathers who work, both to discipline them and to set an example for them. In Moynihan’s time the statistics were just starting to move; today it’s clear: before President Johnson’s Great Society and its expansion of government benefits, the percent of children of unwed mothers for both blacks and whites was only 5%. Today it’s 33% for whites and 72% for blacks, even higher for Hispanics, and society is unraveling.
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We need to make more changes in welfare, specifically AFDC. I wouldn’t change things for those now getting benefits, but, unless there is some form of real disability involved, we need to make welfare a temporary program to handle emergency situations. The unintended consequences of today’s welfare programs are destroying the people who get the benefits, and, shortly, they will be out there destroying the rest of us. Obama's broken promises of hope and change have also accelerated the destructive process. See The Sleeping Giant Awakens.

Cameron: Riot-hit UK must reverse `moral collapse'


Riot-hit UK must reverse `moral collapse'

LONDON (AP) -- Britain must confront its "slow-motion moral collapse" Prime Minister David Cameron declared Monday, following four days of riots that left five people dead, thousands facing criminal charges and at least 200 million pounds ($326 million) in property losses.

Cameron said his coalition government would outline new policies designed to tackle a culture of laziness, irresponsibility and selfishness which he believes fueled Britain's unrest.

He also pledged to toughen rhetoric from ministers and officials, who he claimed had too often had shied away from promoting strong moral standards.

His government would no longer be timid in discussing family breakdown or poor parenting, or in criticizing those who fail to set a good example to their community.

"This has been a wake-up call for our country. Social problems that have been festering for decades have exploded in our face," Cameron told an audience at a youth center in Witney, his Parliamentary district in southern England." AP


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At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Hum mm,---- "a culture of laziness, irresponsibility and selfishness."

Boy does that sound familiar to what is being done by Obama and his left wing nuts in this country!

Meanwhile, Obama just keeps playing the blame game and Debbie Wasserman Scholtz is blaming the Tea Party for the credit down grade. They are just playing to their base and the "no thinkums" in this country.
This civil unrest and class warfare has been created by people who think like Obama. Obama,--a product of Affirmative Action, a "community organizer", whatever that is. Obama, a guy who never managed anything. I have only one definition of Obama as a US President. He's a complete failure! Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News was right when he said that Obama is nothing but a disaster.
Have no fear though. Obama will protect us. All this rioting is also happening right here in the states and it's going to get worse. I couldn't care less if they shoot those "Bastards." To my way of thinking, they are acting no different than the way those union thugs acted in Wisconsin.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger René O'Deay said...

Unfortunately, it is the women who are fools.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Shoot the bastards", "union thugs", It sounds to me like there's more hatred coming from the right than the left.

The rioters aren't motivated by hatred so much as greed. They just want to steal somebody else's property.


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