Monday, August 08, 2011

Obama Apologists and the Downgrade

Here are a few gems gleaned from cable news channels this weekend:

Standard and Poors was stupid to downgrade US bonds.

The Standard and Poors downgrade was political.

The Tea Party is responsible for the downgrade.

Standard and Poors made a mistake with their math.

We would have cut 4 trillion, but the Tea Party wouldn’t go along.

These huge cuts by the Tea Party will cause a depression.

Tea Party members are terrorists
(They don’t call Muslim mass murderers ‘terrorists’)

The media should not publish what Tea Party leaders say.
(Courtesy of Senator Kerry, the Vietnam hero)

“I believe this is, without question, the tea party downgrade”
(Also courtesy of Kerry)

“S&P had shown “terrible judgment”
(Treasury Secretary Geithner)

The cause of the downgrade was the reckless spending and borrowing by President Obama, and the unwillingness of the Obamaites to recognize the need for major cuts in spending, wholesale dumping of government regulations, cancelling of Obamacare and making America's tax code fairer and more competitive with other nations.

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