Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Obama is Most Successful President of All

When I was teaching in college, and found myself to be a conservative in a cauldron of liberals, I kept making the mistake when debating them, that they also had the best interests of America in their hearts. It took me quite a while to figure out that most of these liberal college professors actually hated this country, and wanted to bring it down.

I keep making the same mistake in my reaction to the policies and programs that Obama champions, because it is becoming perfectly obvious to more and more Americans that, the worse things get here, the more he is succeeding in attaining his true goal: the humiliation and the weakening of a country Obama believes has been an oppressor of poor peoples thoughout the world.

To understand why he believes what he does, you need to read the book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage" by Dinesh D'Souza in which he describes the impact Obama’s parents had on him, and how much he desires to implement the real “dream of his father”. Suffice it to say that, in his mind, we, the British and the French and most of the European countries carry the sin of colonialism and must be punished. Obama’s socialist leanings are secondary to his anti-colonialism.

Why else would he be buddies with William Ayers?

Why else would he sit for 20 years in a church listening to anti-American and anti-white rantings?

Why else would he cancel the anti-Iranian, anti-missile defense system the Poles and Czechs risked so much to deploy?

Why else would one of his first acts in office be the return of the Churchill bust and the insult to the Queen?

Why else is he trying to destroy Israel, a country he also considers a colonial criminal state?

Why did he immediately undercut Mubarek, while refusing to offer any support for the Iranian freedom marchers?

Why else has he destroyed our currency and our ability to repay our debts?

Why else does he go on and on about the so-called super rich and wanting to confiscate the wealth of successful businessmen?

Why else does he seem completely unconcerned about the unemployed - going to the podium about every six months to announce that :”Now I’m going to really work to get jobs”, but doing nothing?

I could go on with dozens of more examples, but I’ll stop here.

Of course, not every Obama act is in this vein. He also tries to do just enough to get re-elected, such as his support of the war in Afghanistan, where, incidentally, he changed the mission (the same as did Clinton in Somalia to disastrous results), and he changed the ROE (rules of engagement) so much that we are losing thousands of dead Americans for the first time and drove General McChrystal to distraction.

As someone whose parents were of white, European stock, I can say that I despise Obama almost as much as he despises me. He’s not the worst president since Carter, he is the most successful one - and the most dangerous to our freedom and prosperity!


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At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Mason said...

Well written Russ, unfortunately I beleive you are right on!!

At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

My sentiments entirely. I may be old fashioned but I have always abhorred Communism and Communists and this is how I view Barack Husein Obama. This man is not a true American. He is a Communist!


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