Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Tea Party Tide

Now that enough Tea Partiers saw the light and finally supported Boehner's plan, and this compromise has been reached, I will resume my support of the Tea Party. There should be no question in the mind of any fair-minded person that a welcome tide of change is sweeping across America, and that it was the Tea Party that initiated it and nurtured it. But it has been the overreaching by Obama and the statists that provided fertile ground for this movement, and over-reaching on our side is just as wrong.

Who would have thought a year ago that the center of progressivism, Wisconsin, would see such changes, or that more and more voters would wake up to the ludicrousness of public-sector unions negotiating their benefits with the politicians who they put in office?

The whole idea of "bringing home the bacon" combined with misplaced compassion is what put us in this hole. Now let's concentrate on winning the Presidency and both houses of Congress in 2012.


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