Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Difference Between Socialism, Communism and Fascism

Lots of people are throwing around some terms that they do not understand.

Speaker Pelosi recently implied that Tea Party protesters were “Nazis”. Someone should explain to her that the millions who gathered in Washington, DC were protesting the greatly stepped-up intrusion of government into their lives and the huge debt the Democrats are placing on the backs of their children. This is exactly the opposite of Nazism. Given the actions of the goons from SEIU, ACORN and the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, if anyone deserves the title of Nazis, it is the liberal Democrats she represents.

From Yahoo Answers:

Socialism- The philosophy created by Karl Marx that promotes the advancement of the proliteriat (industrial wage earners) over the burgoise (the middle class) using the power of the state in economic matters. This includes income redistribution, a welfare state, and increased government regulation.

This is the exactly the program being carried out by the Obamaites.

Communism (International Socialism) or Hard Liberal Progressivism- The philosophy created by Trotsky and Lenin. The belief in Socialism as a religious doctrine. They believe in the eventual world wide revolution of all the working class and an eventual united world order under socialism.

Fascism (National Socialism) or Hard Populism- The philosophy created by Bendito Moussilini and adapted elsewhere (ie. Adolph Hitler). The belief that Socialism can be adapted to different countries, cultures, races, religions, and circumstances. Rather than the absolute faith of the Communists they believe that Socialism should be a national matter and should have different variations based on location and the people proporting it. It also finds no problem in adapting policies to match certain events and needs... ie. Corporatism.

Nazism- The National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930's and 40's. They promoted the same ideology as Fascism except they adapted it to the individual national circumstance (Germany)... ie. Anti-semetism.

Marxism- Another word for Socialism.


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At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

A great post, Russ! I just emailed Nancy Pelosi and used the first paragraph in your post as the base of my text.


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