Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Naif-in-Chief

Yesterday President Obama told the world that America, up until he took office 9 months ago, has been the scourge of the world. Having watched my wonderful country over and over come to the aid of any country experiencing catastrophes like AIDS epidemics, earthquakes and tsunamis, and having lived through the number of times we have expended blood and treasure rescuing countries from aggression, I have no words to express my disgust with this narcissistic and ignorant America-hater. A noted psychiatrist wrote a book once whose subject was that liberalism is a form of mental illness. After watching Obama's speech yesterday, I'm beginning to think he was right..

The naif-in-chief

September 24, 2009 New York Post

Who wrote President Obama's speech for the start of the UN General As sembly yesterday -- Rodney King? You know, the guy whose videotaped run-in with cops sparked the 1992 LA riots, leading King to ask: "Can't we all just get along?"

Today that question is used derisively, to mock naive "solutions" for social ills.

But it essentially sums up Obama's 38-minute UN plea, as Washington's former UN envoy John Bolton noted.

Except that Obama is supposed to be the wise leader of the Free World.

What a truly pathetic performance.

Not only because of the president's stunning cluelessness about the world's nature. But also because of his repeated insults to America. And his back-stabbing of Washington's top Mideast ally, Israel.

Obama, yet again, focused on the world's "distrust" of this nation, thanks to the "belief . . . that America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interest of others" -- presumably, under George W. Bush's presidency.

Not to fear, though; Obama's here: He's closing Gitmo, he said, banning torture, quitting Iraq, scrapping nukes . . .

What about protecting America?

Obama believes "deeply," he said, that "the interests of nations and peoples are shared." (Cue the Kumbaya singers.)

Indeed, he practically begged world leaders to take their "share of responsibility" in responding to global challenges.

Did no one brief him about who'd be at the event? Like lunatic Libyan murderer-in-chief Moammar Khadafy (who ranted for 95 minutes)? And Holocaust-denying, terror-sponsoring, nuke-building, election-stealing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Obama can't truly believe these guys will do their "share" to make the world safe, however much he pleads.

And what's up with those gratuitous slams at Jerusalem? "America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements," Obama hissed. He insisted that "Israel respect the legitimate claims . . . of the Palestinians."

Memo to POTUS: Israel has always respected legitimate Palestinian claims.

Indeed, it is neither Israeli disrespect nor settlements that stand in the way of peace there -- but the Palestinian fantasy (fueled by folks like Ahmadinejad) of wiping the Jewish state off the map.

Obama can wish all he wants for everyone to "just get along."

But wishing won't make it happen.

He's got some serious learning to do.

The blessings of Pax Americana, the good cop

By James Lewis September 24, 2009 American Thinker (Excerpt)

"Yesterday at the United Nations, Barack Obama renounced Pax Americana, signaling an end to the United States' role as global cop."

”The Middle East now has the closest thing to Adolf Hitler since World War II, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is now within a year of having nukes in his grasp. Already they have ballistic missiles, built to carry nukes. That regime has been tested in a long and bloody war with Iraq in which a million people died. That war experience hasn't stopped their bloodthirsty actions; they glorify martyrdom. The Tehran regime routinely kills and tortures its own people, as a matter of policy in the name of God.

Meanwhile our own president is proclaiming the end of Pax Americana, the most successful peace-keeping policy in human history. He publicly denies the plain and obvious lessons of history. The fascist regime in Tehran would not even exist were it not for the abject failures of another president in exactly the same mold, the blighted Jimmy Carter.

Einstein saw his own people murdered by the millions before beginning to understand reality well enough to sign that letter to FDR. Since that day in 1939, the United States has come to be the guarantor of peace in the world. Yes, the Soviet Union killed more German soldiers than any other combatant in World War II. But if Stalin had his druthers the USSR would have been a Nazi ally, as the Hitler-Stalin pact promised to do, to split up Poland and to allow the Nazi war machine to turn west and conquer all of Europe.

The United States came into the war not because it wanted to control the world, like Stalin's USSR, but because totalitarian aggression gave us no choice. That is the origin of Pax Americana, which has kept the peace in most of the world most of the time since 1946.

Obama doesn't believe it. He is a victim of revisionist Leftists, who deliberately twist the plain and obvious facts. So Obama is historically (and therefore morally) wrong. You can't get it right if you flip the facts

We keep forgetting the most vital lessons of history. A big one is that you need a Good Cop to keep the peace. That's why we have cops on our streets. We trust them, because they are generally admirable and trustworthy. There is no international police force we can trust. What we have instead is a "superpower" -- the US -- which is supported, when push comes to shove, by all the other countries that know they can only thrive in a stable world.

Obama doesn't get this, even though it's obvious. Obama believes he has a higher calling. He believes the Cold War was a result of American aggression. That is false and deluded.

Guess who's amazingly naive today? After this White House gets done fixing the best health care system in the world, along with phony global warming, they are going to solve the problem of world peace once and forever.

It's not comforting to have a president in charge who has absolutely no concept of history; who has in fact flipped it all upside-down

Hitler would have used nukes simply for the blood and glory, and so might Ahmadinejad today. We don't know what he is going to do when he gets a bomb, but judging by the hundreds of peaceful protesters he just had killed, raped, and tortured, who is going to gamble on the answer? I sure hope the Israelis don't. I hope the US does not, but Obama's abject bowing to medieval tyrants makes it more likely for aggressors to gamble on war.” American Thinker


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At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all of the Jew bashing by Obama and others in the Democratic Party, it is still a puzzle why a high percentage of Jewish people vote Democratic. That occurs on both the national and state level.

And yet when it comes to supporting Israel, Bush and so many other Republicans have been strong supporters.

Can anyone explain the Jewish vote?

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

This is a great question that has puzzled me for quite a while now. Being a Catholic, I also ask why would Catholics vote for Pro-Choice candidates like Kennedy, Kerry, and Obama? Obama is not only if favor of abortion, he's also in favor of infanticide. Very puzzling.


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