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How To Find Millions of Racists

How To Find Millions of Racists

By C. Edmund Wright September 18, 2009 American Thinker

[the author is a white business man, no relation to Jeremiah Wright, whose family is in Uganda this month doing mission work at their own expense]

How do you create millions of white racists? I have a theory.

I say you can do it by accusing a few million white folks who are not racists and just continue to accuse them of being racists on a daily basis. Keep doing it day after day and week after week, and pretty soon you might just have what you want. The human spirit cannot absorb but so much of this before the inclination to hate the accusers gains traction. What do you expect from just a bunch of "typical white people."

What do you think will happen if you (the liberals) just keep on doing this?

What will happen if you keep calling us this every time we object to the President's Marxist agenda? Or every time we dare show a little emotion or frustration? Or you keep inserting phantom words into our quotes to make your point? What are we to make of this if you do it every time "one of us" catches an ACORN office on tape promoting crime as standard operating procedures? Or when we catch some large males dressed up like Malcom X's personal jack booted nightstick carrying security guards in front of a polling place?

It seems to me you used to call this journalism. You used to call it "60 Minutes." Now you call it racism.

What are we to think if you call us racists when we support an innocent cop who was called a racist by an elitist and pampered - yet street cred crude - Ivy League professor of some sort of racial curriculum that teaches folks how not to be proud of this country?

How should we react if you make sure that you bring up the idea that people can't accept an African American President whenever he is criticized? I mean you do it every single time. Never mind that damned near 65 million folks - most of whom were white - got over that last November. And never mind that many of these folks are among the Tea Party protesters.

What will we think if you continue this hateful and libelous attack on us as we shop for Oprah's books or cheer for Tiger Woods to beat all the white guys or go see Bill Cosby's comedy show? We do a lot of all of that by the way. What are we to think of being called racists while we are picking up LeBron James or LaDanian Thomlinson jerseys for our "typical white" children?

Have you ever considered that it might just tick us off if you do it while our churches are performing non-government sponsored outreach to the inner cities providing food, shelter, computers and clothing? And I won't even mention how we'll feel if you do it while we are on mission trips to poor African nations at our own expense.

Heck, you might call us racists while we are buying books written by Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell. You might do it while we are circulating emails about how the best Republican's - I mean Racist Party's - best hope for President might be General Honoré of Louisiana.

Memo to Joe Biden: The General is a clean articulate black guy.

I submit that you are doing all this at your own risk, because you have no idea what the hell you are doing. You have no idea the hornets' nest you are poking. You have no idea what peril you are putting the country in. You are perhaps throwing away decades of progress on this front for the misguided idea you can score some cheap political points.

I say this because nothing -- absolutely nothing -- accesses our deepest temper like the totally unfounded accusation of racism. It is so completely wrong and hate filled and transparently desperate that every single time it happens the rage is building. Human nature is human nature, and these accusations are running afoul of it

You risk accessing an outrage - so intense it is hard to put words to it - that comes from deep down within the human soul. It is a righteous anger. It can only swell up when you know with every fiber of your being that you are being wrongly accused of a heinous attitude and that your accusers are actually the guilty ones.

We stood by and watched the media never manage to mention that Barack Obama would get something like 95% of his race while they were debating whether the white folks in the country were racists or not. We instantly saw the intellectual suicide of that analysis, but we were relatively quiet about it.

But we noticed this because as folks who are not one bit racist, our senses were offended by this sort of soft racism or soft reverse racism. Our radar went off. We can sense it

Like the thoughts we have when we see a little guy who buys a big Hummer, we instantly recognized the over compensation that so many people demonstrated when discussing Obama last fall. We would just shake our head and think "doggone -- I thought they were smarter than that."

Now if you are one of those throwing around the r-word lately, you probably don't have any idea what I am talking about. To you, this political thing is just a game and you have probably been guilty of much that has been hurled at you. Heck, your modus operandi is to accuse conservatives of what liberals are doing; astroturfing comes to mind.

But millions of us are having a hard time not being totally enraged by these accusations. If fear for our country, because you might have lit a fuse and it might be getting dangerously close to the powder with every insane accusation.

Currently, this anger can be funneled at the white liberals attacking us. Bill Maher's elegant and eloquent "Cracker Nation" line was not productive. And then today we had to suffer the indignity of a lilly white President we also did not support piling on with the assertion that he was sure almost all of this resistance to ObamaCare and so on was the result of having a black man as President. Where did he get that? Did he hear it from Jesse Jackson in Hymie Town?

So let me ask you a question? Have you ever considered that this cheap ploy might have the potential to explode into something much more malignant? What are we to think when normally reasonable folks like Juan Williams jump into the muck of Bill Maher and Jimmy Carter as a knee jerk reaction? Where are we to think that knee jerk reaction comes from inside them?

What are we to think that the Congressional Black Caucus joins in as well? Seems to me most had laid down the disgust that such a thing as the Congressional Black Caucus existed long ago as something that was a tad hypocritical but benign nonetheless. I don't think anyone will call it harmless now.

There is a lot of chatter among the pundits about how this racial ploy will probably be a classic over play on the part of liberals and will redound to hurt them politically. If that were the only consequence, I would be ecstatic.

But I submit you are playing with something much more explosive here. Even though those who share my political bent might be strengthened by your accusations, I am begging you to stop. What you are doing could be very tragic for our country. You could set race relations back decades. Please, please do not do that.


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