Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Crippling Liberal Myths

Some Crippling Liberal Myths

1. Sexual predators can be cured and released back into society.
2. Normal men are just as likely to molest boys as homosexuals.
3. In the absence of a medical necessity, killing a nine-month old fetus isn’t murder.
4. If a country is “nice” to monsters and terrorists, it doesn’t need weapons and soldiers.
5. People who violate our immigration laws deserve free healthcare and welfare.
6. Anyone who has accumulated some wealth must be a criminal.
7. The Constitution that has kept us free and prosperous is outdated.
8. Planners in the federal government can do better than the free marketplace in allocating resources.
9. Infants whose mothers place them in daycare grow up just fine.
10. It is more important to avoid collateral damage than to win battles - and with minimum American casualties.
11. Fathers are not really necessary to bring up a well-adjusted child.
12. Rewarding achievement and penalizing failure are outmoded concepts. It’s more important that everyone feel good about themselves.
13. A much bigger and more intrusive central government is better for everyone than an opportunity society where some will do very well, and some will fail.
14. It’s better to give a man a fish than to teach him how to fish.
15. Americans should feel guilty that Western Society was the first culture to ban slavery, which is still practiced by other cultures.
16. Americans should feel guilty that we have created the most prosperous and generous nation the world has ever seen.
17. Americans should feel guilty that, through force of arms, we have helped scores of nations achieve their own freedom.
18. Just because 99.99% of all murderous terrorist acts are committed by Muslims doesn’t mean we have something to fear from Muslims and must protect ourselves from Muslim terrorists.
19. Just because Islam is a political movement that is inimical to basic freedoms, as well as a religion, doesn’t mean we have to limit its growth in America to preserve our culture and save us from what is happening in Great Britain, France and other countries.
20. I just remembered a big one - multiculturalism - the belief that all other cultures are superior to the unique American culture - cultures that immigrants risked everything to escape.

If you can think of any other crippling, liberal myths, please note them in a comment.


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At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other liberal positions:
Higher and/or new taxes will allow all perceived problems to be solved.

We are NOT a nation under God.

Conservatives are dumb, hokey, and out of touch with the American people.

Parents can be two mommys, or two daddys, or any other combination. Use your creativity here.


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