Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why No One Believes Obama

For decades, George Will has been a highly respected columnist, author and observer of the political scene. People of all political stripes pay attention to what he says. No patriot ever wants to say this about his president, but it has come to this. The liberals who introduced the term, "Borking", and who had so much fun calling Bush a liar and producing books and movies about Bush's assassination should just shut up about Congressman Wilson's outburst. It won't be the last.

It is my view that the country really came to understand the dishonesty of this man, Obama, when he injected racist and unsupportable comments into the Officer Crowley - Professor Gates affair.

By George F. Will NEWSWEEK Sep 12, 2009 (Excerpt)

“On the 233rd day of his presidency, Barack Obama grabbed the country's lapels for the 263rd time—that was, as of last Wednesday, the count of his speeches, press conferences, town halls, interviews, and other public remarks. His speech to Congress was the 122nd time he had publicly discussed health care. Just 14 hours would pass before the 123rd, on Thursday morning. His incessant talking cannot combat what it has caused: An increasing number of Americans do not believe that he believes what he says.

He says America's health-care system is going to wrack and ruin and requires root-and-branch reform—but that if you like your health care (as a large majority of Americans do), nothing will change for you. His slippery new formulation is that nothing in his plan will "require" anyone to change coverage. He used to say, "If you like your health-care plan, you'll be able to keep your health-care plan, period." He had to stop saying that because various disinterested analysts agree that his plan will give many employers incentives to stop providing coverage for employees.

He deplores "scare tactics" but says that unless he gets his way, people will die.

He praises temperate discourse but says many of his opponents are liars. He says Medicare is an exemplary program that validates government's prowess at running health systems. But he also says Medicare is unsustainable and going broke, and that he will pay for much of his reforms by eliminating the hundreds of billions of dollars of waste and fraud in this paragon of a program, and in Medicaid. He says Congress will cut Medicare (it will not) by $500 billion—without affecting benefits.

He says the nation's economic health depends on controlling health-care costs. Yet so important is the trial bar in financing the Democratic Party, he says not a syllable in significant and specific support of tort reforms that could save hundreds of billions of dollars by reducing "defensive medicine" intended to protect not patients from illnesses but doctors from lawyers. He has said he will not add a dime to the deficit when bringing 47 million people into government-guaranteed health care. But Wednesday night, 17 million went missing: "There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage." Almost 10 million of the uninsured are not citizens, and most of them are illegal immigrants. Presumably the other 7 million could get insurance but chose not to.

Democrats propose fines to eliminate that choice. He suggests health-insurance companies are making excessive profits. But since 1996, profits of the six such companies in the S&P 500 have been below the 500's average. He says a "public option"—a government insurance program—would not be subsidized to enable it to compete unfairly with private insurers. (The post office and the government's transportation -"public option," Amtrak, devour subsidies.) He says the public option is vital for keeping health insurers "honest"—but that it is only a wee "sliver" of reform.”

“McConnell of the Mona Lisa smile says Congress will pass something because Obama will sign anything. McConnell notes, however, that never in his 25 Senate years have Republicans polled close to Democrats when the question is: Which party do you trust most to deal with health care? Until now. Last week's polling: Democratic Party, 41; Republican Party, 39—a statistical dead heat. On a generic ballot question—which party do you intend to vote for?—the GOP has gone from down 12 points to dead even since November. Independents defected in droves from the GOP in 2006 and 2008, but today only one third of them view Obama's handling of health care favorably.”

David Horowitz The Manchurian Candidate
"Just eight months into his presidency, however, a new Barack Obama has begun to emerge. With unseemly haste Obama has nearly bankrupted the federal government, amassing more debt in eight months than all his predecessors combined. He has appeased America’s enemies abroad and attacked America’s intelligence services at home. He has rushed forward with programs that require sweeping changes in the American economy and is now steamrolling a massive new healthcare program that will give the government unprecedented control of its citizens."

As for Van Jones, "the rest of us should be wondering who his sponsors were within the White House," Horowitz observed. "Then we should ask ourselves what they are planning next."


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At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I think that Obama's credibility is really about ready to go down the toilet when this Acorn investigation gets going. Of course,Eric Holder could throw it out to protect Obama and the Democrats. It was pure genius to expose Acorn a little each day instead of letting it all come out at once. Each day they are exposing a new corrupt tape of Acorn in a different state, and the Liberals are having a hard time defending that corrupt organization. It's like tearing their guts out by grabbing one slimy intestine at a time. If it all came out at once, the Liberals would Poo Poo it and try to make it go away. As for Obama, the old saying goes; "you are who you associate with" is ringing true in his case, and it's starting to catch up with him. It's got so bad now for Obama and the Democrats, that they have dug up Jimmy Carter, the worst president to ever come down the pike, to get up now and start playing the race card. All I can say to Jimmy is, "Don't worry Jimmy, that "worst President" title that you now hold, is about to be lost to Barack Obama."

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Hey, by the way, would somebody please tell Charlie Gibson about the Acorn corruption scandal that's been going down, and has been all over Fox News? It seems that Charlie hasn't heard about it. "Hey Charlieeee!!! Helloooo???"

At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's Charlie Gibson???


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