Wednesday, September 09, 2009

John Stossel Video on Government Healthcare

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And some other key points:

Whoa, Trigger

The latest gimmick to disguise a health-care 'public option.'

September 8, 2009 WSJ (Excerpt)

"President Obama has decided that another oration will rejuvenate his health-care agenda—despite having given 27 speeches entirely on health care, and another 92 in which it figured prominently. We'll see how tomorrow night's Congressional appeal works out, but the important maneuvers are taking place in the cloak rooms, as the White House tries to staple together a majority.

The latest political gimmick is the notion of a "trigger" for the public option: A new government program for the middle class would only come on line if private insurance companies fail to meet certain benchmarks, such as lowering overall health spending or shrinking the number of the uninsured. This is supposed to appeal to Maine Republican Olympia Snowe, who could end up as ObamaCare's 60th Senator, while still appeasing the single-payer left.

Liberals should love the idea because a trigger isn't a substantive concession; it merely ensures that the public option will arrive eventually, instead of immediately. Democrats will goose the tests so that private insurers can't possibly meet them, mainly by imposing new regulations and other costly burdens.

Keep in mind that every version of ObamaCare now under consideration essentially turns all private insurers into subsidiaries of Congress. All coverage will be strictly regulated down to the fine print, and politics will dictate the level of benefits as well as premiums, deductibles and copays. Under the House bill, a "health choices commissioner" will have the final say, no doubt with Democrats Henry Waxman and Pete Stark at his elbow, if not another part of his anatomy."

Fines proposed for going without health insurance

Sep 8, 2009 AP (Excerpt)

WASHINGTON (AP) - "Americans would be fined up to $3,800 for failing to buy health insurance under a plan that circulated in Congress on Tuesday as President Barack Obama met Democratic leaders to search for ways to salvage his health care overhaul." AP


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At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I encourage everyone who is concerned about this health care issue to go to and voice their opinion as I have done. Please scroll down and read what I had to say about Obama's Universal Health Care Bill.

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September 10, 2009

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Health care reform means clamping down on trial lawyers, cutting the
abuses that are running up health care costs, and allowing insurance
competition between states. It doesn't include turning our health care
system into a failed Socialist boondoggle that puts government in charge
of making the medical decisions that involve people's lives. If you are
not willing to sign on to Obama's Socialist health care system, why should
we? Who in the devil are you, that we should provide a better health
care system that you and your party are trying to shove down our throats?
Read my lips. I don't want your Socialist health care. Mr Obama, That
Congressman who shouted out during your speech is right. You are nothing
but a bold face liar! The American People don't want what you are
selling. Unless you can come up with a plan that involves TORT Reform,
don't waste your time giving long winded useless speeches! You sir, will
be a one term president. You are a disgrace to the office of the


Joseph Alves Jr.
Taunton, Ma.
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