Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nero Fiddles as Our Country Slips Away

We are witnessing the disintegration of the great idea espoused by our Founding Fathers and, they hoped, protected for all time by the structure and limitations set out in our Constitution. They pledged and risked "their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor" to achieve this country and this Constitution.

Those statesmen were well aware of the failings of democracy – and of the short-lived nature of the ones that had risen and fallen throughout history. They were determined that this would not happen to the United States of America, a place where personal freedoms and private property would be protected by limitations on government, and where every man would have the opportunity to succeed or fail on his own merits and the vicissitudes of Lady Luck.

But it is happening; we are going the way of all the others, and the main reason we are is that so many people decided that they were smarter and knew better than the men we call the Founding Fathers.

The downhill slide probably began when the smart people decided we should tax away the fruits of men’s labors and redistribute that wealth among those who failed or who refused to engage in an honest occupation. Without these revenues, there would be no welfare for able-bodied people and no monster government. There is no point in advocating an anti-income tax crusade, but a simple flat tax combined with greatly reduced government and reduced government spending would go far in getting us back to our roots and regain that which made us great.

The ridiculous idea of a “Super Committee” and its predictable failure shows all who care to see that most of our legislators and others in government service are more committed to keeping their jobs and keeping their benefits and their opportunities to profit at our expense – than in serving the public. I have long opposed term limits, but the corruption and utter failure of our government has changed my mind.

Super Committee Proves Point for Term Limits

By Bill Tatro 11/23/2011 Townhall

If there was ever a case for term limits, the actions of this past week have certainly demonstrated that now is the time.

Twelve Senators and Congressmen were asked to not make budget cuts, but to simply slow down the growth rate of government.

The greatest con is that a budget increase of 10% reduced to 7% is considered a 30% reduction in growth.

The growth, however, is still 7%.

The attitude exemplified by all these politicians of both parties is one of entitlement, which explains why nobody wants to do anything that will rock their boat. Just imagine if you were an elected official.

You would be entitled to pension and healthcare benefits that are far superior to the benefits available to the very same citizens that you govern. You would be able to access inside information and buy stock based upon that information, thereby dramatically increasing your net worth.

You can buy a useless piece of land, and based upon your decision and your special committee, create actions that will make that land worth a fortune.

You can buy IPOs related to companies whose future is predicated upon your public statements and influence.

All of these things would send anyone else to jail.

As Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes said, “It not illegal, but it certainly isn’t right.”

When presented with all the benefits of nationally elected officials, why would anyone want to leave public office?

Thus, in my opinion, any decision by the twelve super committee members was not done for the benefit of this country, but simply for the twelve’s own self interests.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Any twelve people who did not have a personal vested interest would have been able to accomplish the assigned task.

Most likely, here’s what they would have done. On the revenue side, institute the jobs repatriation act which states that all corporations pay a flat 20% tax. No loopholes. There, revenue is done.

On the spending side, all increases to the federal budget frozen for the next three years, with a 3% increase to offset inflation.

There, spending is done.

The combined total of these measures would far exceed the $1.2 trillion which was sought after.

Why was this so easy?

Because the twelve members in my committee weren’t running for re-election; instead they just proposed the right thing.

Term limits, the time has come.


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At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

This so called "Super Committee" is just a big farce if you ask me. Nobody can make me believe that these people would work hard to come up with a plan with the stipulations that were put in place which was to cut defense spending if they didn't reach an agreement at a certain time limit. Why the GOP agreed to this, I'll never know. This was nothing but a Liberal Democrat ploy and the Republicans fell for it.
Really,--what did the Democrats have to lose by just wasting everybody's time with this stupid committee? Anyone with the brains that God gave a chipmunk should know by now that Liberals by nature are yellow cowards,appeaserss, and capitulators. They want to cut defense spending.
Barney Frank held a town hall meeting and this is what he was advocating at the meeting. He even talked about in the Taunton Gazette. Some of the Liberal Democrats have no responsibility whatsoever when it comes to protecting the people of this country. The few who do take their job seriously like Norman Pinetta, are out numbered by the many fools in their own party, Obama included. Speaking of the Devil, where was our Commander in Cheat? Why wasn't he working with them to get something done? Don't tell me. He was either at the golf course, or he was preparing for his campaign. The folks need to smarten up about Obama. He was useless when he started and he is certainly no good now. Any one of these GOP candidates is a lot better than what we've got right now.

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Term limits and a mandatory retirement age of 70 will solve some of the problems. Too bad neither is likely to pass.

At 6:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was said, "I have long opposed term limits, but the corruption and utter failure of our government has changed my mind."

There are those of us who are called right wing nuts who considered term limits as a help years ago. But those from northeast dished the idea.

Now there is additional concept to look at. Specifically the wrongheaded influence of the academic elite like college professors, know any?

Read this, esp the conclusion.

Ed K


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