Tuesday, January 05, 2010

God Will Smile On This Change

How often throughout the history of the United States has it seemed that God was looking out for us? From the pitiful condition of Washington’s few men at Trenton to the miraculous victory at Midway to our winning the race with the Germans and the Japanese for the Atom Bomb, our nation has been blessed with so much good luck that it is beyond the comprehension of those without faith.

More recent events seem to bear out this special place the people of this great, freedom-loving and freedom-giving* nation have in His eyes. Just as Obama was getting ready to make some sort of a triumphal entrance at Copenhagen to endorse economy-ruining, global warming measures, the leaked e-mails revealed just how corrupt and fraudulent the whole man-made global warming movement was, and the conference tanked.

Now a failed attempt on Christmas Day by a Muslim terrorist trained in Yemen by Al Qaida has set off a chain of events that shows with shocking clarity how stupid, incompetent and dangerous the Obama approach and the Obama appointees actually are.

Until tonight, the policy of sending dozens of Yemeni terrorists back to Yemen from Guantanamo was holding tight by the Obama Administration (mostly to permit the promised, stupid closing of Guantanamo). It does not escape notice that Eric Holder’s law firm represented many Muslim terrorists – yes the same Eric Holder who represented Mark Rich in those Clinton days when all those pardons were sold.

Just two hours ago the wrath of America’s citizens was finally felt by Obama, and the back-to-Yemen policy has been shelved for now.

Perhaps this reversal will signal a change from Obama, from having as his first priority the extending of constitutional rights to foreign terrorists – to that of protecting the lives and freedoms of American citizens. I think God would smile on that change. I wonder what He thinks of Obama's attempt to ruin the greatest healthcare system the world has ever known.

*The USA has freed at least 30 nations and 50 million people from bondage.

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At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

Nicely written Russ! I wish that the folks would smarten up and see Obama for what he really is!


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