Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why Did Republicans Lose? Because We Were Betrayed

Here in Florida we have the spectacle of a new Republican Congressman named Vern Buchanon (from Katherine Harris’ old district) voting with the Democrats on almost every vote taken in the new Congress. This is a perfect example of the kind of thinking that has disgusted and turned off so many grassroots Republicans – Republicans who zipped up their purses and stayed home last November. No sooner do elected Republicans get to Congress by promising to uphold Republican causes and traditional values, but they fall prey to the Washington disease where voting on the basis of feeling good and pandering to the press and to the thousands of entrenched liberals takes over.

My regular readers know that I have been a strong supporter of President Bush on most issues, but on the one issue that is most important to me – illegal immigration, I think he is giving us a con job. I believe that the recent uptick in enforcement efforts along our borders and with employers is a smoke screen to get us to let down our guard when an amnesty program is put forth by Democrats and by RINO Republicans.

I am perfectly willing to support a guest worker program and a reasonable plan for earned citizenship, but I want a fence and illegal immigration stopped cold before I will even consider these programs. I was fooled before, in 1986, by an amnesty that had disastrous effects. I won’t be fooled again – particularly since stopping illegal immigration is vital to preventing the entry of terrorists wanting to kill us.

How do I know that President Bush is engaging in a con job? Because he has made his feeling on this issue clear over and over again. Because in Mexico this week he referred to illegal immigration as “migration”. Here is the definition of that word: Migration - geographical movements of individuals or groups for the purpose of permanently resettling (Columbia University Encyclopedia).

I am waiting for a candidate other than Tom Tancredo to lead the charge against the impending betrayal of American citizens that Congress is contemplating on the issue of illegal immigration. I will support that candidate for the presidency. I'll say one thing; it won't be Senator McCain.

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At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain definitely won't get a vote from this guy either. I'm not even sure I'd trust Mitt Romney. He's been known to flip flop. Fred Thompson! Now there's a guy who could possibly have enough popularity and recognition to be president. He's a conservative that believes in conservative values. He's also an actor, but so was Ronald Reagan, and we now know all about his accomplishments.


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