Monday, July 18, 2005

Multiculturalism And The London Bombings

Out of the horrors of the 7/7 London bombings has come information that may save us. Kudos to the British police and security forces for their speed and efficiency in tracing the identities of the homicide bombers and of some of their masters, safely removed from the blasts themselves.

The fact that these were home-grown terrorists who were born and raised in Great Britain and who appeared to be living “normal” lives, although within the enclaves of almost closed Muslim communities, is of great significance. It means that “multiculturalism”, as practiced in England, the United States and in most of the West, is not a force for good, but a force of great evil. It means that the dangers of multiculturalism that some of us have been warning of for years cannot now be ignored or relegated to political incorrectness.

Multiculturalism is much more than a call to respect cultures different from one's own. It is grounded in self hatred based on distortions of history, led by activists who are free to promote this nonsense shielded by the freedoms, security and high standard of living provided by America and most of the West. It tells immigrants to value the culture they left as superior to Western culture, even though the immigrant undoubtedly sacrificed everything to come here and escape his culture.

As Bruce Thornton put it in “Private Papers”, “At the same time the West has welcomed immigrants we have abandoned the one thing that can make immigration work: the requirement that the immigrant assimilate to our culture and acknowledge that by virtue of his making it his home he thinks it is superior to the culture he left. In the U.S. this meant learning English, learning American history, American political ideals, American heroes and stories. It meant making America his home, the object of his affection he would fight and die for, as many immigrants have done and continue to do. If the immigrant wanted to keep something of his own culture, he could do that privately, through fraternal organizations or his church. But American public education and culture were not obligated to celebrate the numerous cultures immigrants had abandoned and, by doing so, had proclaimed to be inferior to America at some fundamental level.”

These four young men did not one day just decide to attack British citizens and British institutions out of the blue, any more than Ku Klux Klan members woke up one day and decided to join the Klan. Their hatred was planted and nurtured by what they heard at home and what they heard in their mosques and in other meeting places in their insular lives. They were then ripe for the final indoctrinations by radical Muslim fundamentalists who enlisted them in the religious war that they have been carrying out for decades.

We are watching Great Britain take the first steps in opening up these enclaves and in rooting out the hate-mongers whose venom has been tolerated and whose ravings have been authenticated by the multicultural movement there. Fortunately here in the USA, we have not taken multiculturalism to the point it reached in Britain. Let’s start recognizing its dangers more widely and root it out here. It’s taken decades to establish itself; it may take decades to stamp it out. Russ

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