Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's More Than Just Liberals and Conservatives

Some of my more liberal friends have accused me of having no use at all for liberals; this just isn't true. First of all I see myself as very conservative in my world-view and in my economic philosophies, and as a moderate in social issues. I am well aware, though, that progress in anything, particularly in the human condition, requires dissatisfaction with the way things are. It is usually those of a liberal political outlook who are creative and who come up with and press for the implementation of new ideas. It is usually those who give us our great art and entertainment.

I see this in my study of history, my observation of world events and in my recollections of my own life’s experiences. Worthwhile programs like Social Security and Medicare would never have come into existence without the actions of progressive liberals like Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson. Although the Environmental Policy Act that created the EPA was signed by a conservative President, Nixon, it would never have happened without the work of liberals, and I welcome their attempts to improve the lives of the common man.

On the other hand, what they often don't understand is that new ideas usually fail, but much more important than that is that through history no democracy has ever lasted. Every great historian down through the years has warned us that all democracies go through certain stages, and that the great danger is that the mob eventually gains access to the public treasury, which leads to bread and circuses for all and to its downfall.

When you put this together with the trashing of American traditional values by some liberals, who either believe America to be an evil place, and/or who follow the moral relevancy of doing whatever feels good, you can understand why conservatives want to hold on to the tried and true. Open warfare then breaks out when conservatives find that extreme leftist liberals do not want to debate the issues, but to destroy the reputations of those who oppose them, as they did to Judge Bork and Sec. Donovan, and as they have tried to do to Judge Thomas and to President Bush.

The Constitution of the United States is not just a great document that binds us; it is the main vehicle our forefathers drafted to work together with our republican form of government to give us the gift of a democracy that can last forever. It can be changed when an overwhelming majority sees, over the passage of time, that change is necessary; but it should never be distorted to reflect the passions of the moment - even if the ends seem to justify the means. That is why many conservatives abhor the Griswold, Roe vs. Wade and Kelo vs. New London decisions. They are seen as distortions to reflect the fashionable philosophies of a few, and we need to right the dangerous course on which these decisions have placed us by appointing justices who will overturn them.

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