Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Hope Climate Change Foolishness Declining

The UN has signaled that member nations are backing off on supporting climate change agreements. Perhaps news that world temperatures have been plateauing or declining since 1998 has gotten through to some of these people as well as the understanding that earth’s climate has gone through countless increasing and decreasing cycles for as long as records and ice core samples can show. It would be good if President Obama and leading Democrats would also take note of this. Of course, there is little chance of this because it has long been obvious that manmade global warming is both a religion and a way to scuttle America’s economy to the hard left.

UN signals delay in climate change treaty

By EDITH M. LEDERER (AP) – October 28, 2009 (Excerpt)

UNITED NATIONS — "Just weeks before an international conference on climate change, the United Nations signaled it was scaling back expectations of reaching agreement on a new treaty to slow global warming.

Janos Pasztor, director of the secretary-general's Climate Change Support Team, said Monday "it's hard to say how far the conference will be able to go" because the U.S. Congress has not agreed on a climate bill, and industrialized nations have not agreed on targets to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions or funding to help developing countries limit their discharges.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made a new climate treaty his top priority, hosting a Sept. 22 summit on climate change to spur political support and traveling extensively to build political momentum for a global agreement to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol which only requires 37 industrialized nations to cut emissions.

Pasztor told a news conference "there is tremendous activity by governments in capitals and internationally to shape the outcome" of the climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in early December, which "is a good development" because political leadership is essential to make a deal.

But he indicated that Copenhagen most likely won't produce a treaty, but instead will push governments as far as they can go on the content of an agreement." AP


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At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

People need to realize that there are more important issues facing this country right now than Global Warming, mainly unemployment. The pinhead politicians in this country, Obama included, are telling us that creating a force to combat this so called "Climate Change" is going to create jobs. What they don't tell you is, the jobs that will be created will be paid for through our taxes, and the people who will get these jobs will be their cronies.

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Senator Inhofe say earlier this year that there was no way cap and trade would pass this year. I hope he's right.

This is not the time to be economically castrating ourselves upon the altar of Gaia.


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