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Who Is Foiling Immigration Enforcement?

For the second day in a row, a very perceptive editorial column appeared in the Providence Journal that explained a lot. Like most traditional and patriotic Americans I have been baffled by the difficulties we, as a nation, have in enforcing our borders. Although I understand that America-hating leftists want to destroy our harmony, it seems self-evident that we are not a sovereign nation if we can not pass and enforce laws that determine who we want to have enter our country and become citizens. It also seems self-evident that, except for political refugees, we want mostly to encourage the immigration of peoples who bring skills that we need into our country.

Why do we have such difficulty carrying out this fundamental concept? This article answers that question.

Interests foil immigration enforcement

JAMES C. SHEEHAN June 3, 2009 Providence Journal

LAWS, IN GENERAL, are intended to provide for the orderly regulation of society and protection of individual liberty. National laws are established for the common good through the democratic process by majority votes in Congress. One such law governs border control and immigration policy. While 72 percent of Americans believe it is “very important” to reduce illegal immigration and enforce the borders (Rasmussen, 2007), this law is not being effectively enforced. If Americans overwhelmingly support effective border control and controlling illegal immigration, why has our government not adequately enforced national immigration law? The answer is simple — an unusual collection of special interest groups have worked successfully to prevent the proper enforcement of immigration laws.

Some oppose the enforcement of immigration laws for altruistic reasons.

They believe that any person should have the opportunity to enter our country, legally or not, to seize their own piece of the American dream, reunite with family, and/or send wages back home. No matter the reason, over time, illegal immigrants become enmeshed in the fabric of their community, establishing strong bonds of friendship and family.

Once this occurs, community members are reluctant to let the lives of these semi-permanent residents be disrupted. Through various social, religious and political organizations, illegal immigrants and their friends and family have organized to prevent the enforcement of established immigration laws. Furthermore, these organizations have sought to normalize the status of illegal immigrants residing here.

One good example of this movement is the push to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants under the pretext of public safety.

A very powerful and well-funded special interest that works hard to combat the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws is American business, as represented by state and local chambers of commerce and, by extension, perhaps, some in the Republican Party. These associations battle enforcement of laws such as E-verify, an effective tool requiring employers to verify the legal status of new hires, because they allege that the E-verify system is a burden to businesses. In fact, the E-verify system is cheap, relatively easy to implement, and very accurate. In truth, these groups fight enforcement of E-verify because they must hew to the wishes of numerous chapter members who undoubtedly employ illegal immigrants at below-market wages. In general, this unlawful practice also undermines years of hard-fought labor laws in the workplace.

Moreover, hiring illegal immigrants also denies low-skilled citizens and legal residents an opportunity to work at entry-level jobs, and provides businesses that exploit illegal workers an unfair advantage over their competitors who do not exploit illegals.

Ironically, even some union leaders now oppose the enforcement of America’s immigration laws. Illegal immigrants who are able to obtain false papers are readily hired in various sectors of the economy, such as the hospitality industry or construction. Legal or not, these workers are welcomed by unions because they help to revitalize waning union ranks with fresh dues-paying members. Of course, there is strength in numbers, and illegal workers give union leaders additional clout in negotiations. Interestingly, union leaders arguably can still offer management their services at a relative discount since many of their non-citizen members are probably willing to work for less than citizen workers.

Politically speaking, powerful members of the Democratic Party have a vested interest in illegal immigration, too, because they believe that illegal immigrants who benefit from longstanding Democratic mainstays — social-welfare programs — will vote to support the Democratic Party if they become lawful citizens of this nation. Of course, some claim that illegal immigrants already are voting in large numbers in this country because of weak election laws that often do not require positive identification to register to vote or to cast a vote.

While each of the aforementioned special interests derives some personal benefit from illegal immigration, the burden is shouldered squarely by a majority of lawful citizens. While illegal immigrants pay some taxes, research shows that they do not pay enough to offset the dollars paid out through federal and state government programs that support them. Illegal immigrants receive government-subsidized health care, social services and education that probably can be measured in the billions of dollars annually. Worse yet, illegal immigrants who violate the law are crowded into our nation’s prisons, costing countless millions more.

Our nation is in financial crisis and many states, including Rhode Island, are facing formidable deficits. The U.S. and Rhode Island can no longer afford a de-facto policy of open borders, especially when Rhode Island may be forced to cut aid to cities and towns, education, state worker pensions and health-care benefits to lawful citizens.

Still, it is the confluence of special interests that prevents proper enforcement of immigration laws. Until a majority of citizens take a stand on this issue, some elected representatives will continue to kowtow to the special interests that personally benefit from illegal immigration. After all, many politicians also personally benefit from illegal immigration by way of special-interest contributions and/or voter support at election time.

If you wish to know whose interests your elected officials represent on the issue of illegal immigration, please contact them by visiting:

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At 2:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiments. In trying to bend over backwards to show how "enlightened" and kind they are, liberal politicians have opened the floodgates to millions of illegal aliens and granted amnesty and special privileges thereto. Not only does this erode respect for the law, but it also discriminates against hard working aliens who would like to enter the country legally but cannot. As a US visa lawyer in Thailand we have had many inquiries into recruiting Thai labor for agricultural work in the US. However, due to the preferences of the bureaucratic and union system for Mexican workers, a legal Thai worker has much more obstacles and less influence than their south of border (often illegal) counterparts.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Brittanicus said...

NO question that E-Verify should be in-perpetuity, as it's being modified and updated according to the information I have read from Homeland Security. Of course their is a lot of consternation about it's operation, mainly because the businesses that are not using it yet have been brain washed by US. Chamber of Commerce, ACLU and other organizations, who have suspicious reasons for their rhetoric. Then again much of it is consistent lies and propaganda, to attempt to destroy the illegal immigrant worker--ATTRITION--E-Verify computer application.

The public should remember where the US Chamber of Commerce and the ACLU get their working capitol from? The free traders and all businesses that enjoy the movement of cheap labor, that cuts into their profits. These are parasites not only prey on the illegal impoverished nationals, but the American taxpayer as well. Mandated taxes--FORCED--on all of us, because over the years we have no enforcement at our borders. We the American people have been left in the dark, happy and ignorant, while our borders have remained methodically unsealed. Many of our lawmakers have been corrupted by Campaign contributions, gifts and large sums of money hidden in brown paper bags. Our country continues to bleed by massive remittances sent out the country by illegal labor.

That through many administrations we continue to hemorrhaging from paying all illegal family costs. Hundreds of billions of dollars are hidden in government appropriations, exactly like--EARMARKS--so the public are never aware. California--A SANCTUARY STATE--has committed financially suicide since proposition 187 mysteriously disappeared under liberal judges. We are forever paying benefits for illegal aliens, who dodges our undermanned border. Our Immigration law is not broken, it's just the non-enforcement of the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill. The law works--perhaps too good--so now they must remove it and open the gates wide for the next hordes of illegal alien labor. By taking--OUT--the 1986 law they can spring on us another immigration law that is weaker and allow 20 million or more stay here.

All the criminals, all the fraudulent ID users, all the welfare beneficiaries legal or not? Our borders have never been sealed the free traders are against it. So are the radical anti-sovereignty groups like La Raza, who want erode the America we know, by bring in millions more poor from South of the border. For decades tourist over-stayers have never been brought to justice, because the US immigration authorities, were unaware if these people left the country or not? In this administration the politicians who are responsible for compromising immigration enforcement Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and others, who are now gainfully employed by--TAXPAYERS. Yet many corrupt politicians spend their time in Washington, undermining any worthwhile laws, to lower the people taxes.

Already Homeland security Napolitano has ceased and all but deceased ICE raids, yet she says she supports E-Verify? Just these spotlighted legislators in closed to the public scrutiny sessions are pushing another AMNESTY. Which means even more higher taxes, to pay for extended family reunification that will definitely have adverse monetary impact on our senior Social security. Bloggers never are given enough room to comment, so take a minute to think of how your taxes will accelerates upwards by finding the facts at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH.


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