Sunday, May 31, 2009

Revealing Obama Video Found

We are bombarded daily by Obamaites claiming that this problem or that problem was inherited by them, as they try to blame Bush for all their miscues, and whenever it is pointed out that the housing and credit crash was mainly the result of THEIR policies, they howl and point fingers.

Yes there was greed and fraud and insufficient regulation involved in this calamity that has affected all of us, but the main blame for the existence of sub-prime mortgages falls squarely in the laps of liberal Democrats, as this video makes clear:

The American people need to be reminded of these facts over and over again, as the Obamaites try to use this crisis to destroy our free-market capitalist system - a system that has brought the highest standard of living ever known to anyone who wants to work, and as the Obamaites try to shift the blame for this crisis away from themselves.

If video doesn't load, go here.

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