Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ammunition Shortages and Gun Control

This video is breaking news that became available as I was preparing to publish this article. Obviously all liberals, including RINO's, have to be watched carefully on this issue.

If this video doesn’t load go here.

There are many articles these days about the shortage of ammunition and explanations for the shortage. To my mind it is the result of three factors:

1. Fear of actions by Obama to limit the supply of ammunition. Hints that this would be an easy way to control guns floated out of the Obama campaign all last year.

2. Fear of a general and widespread eruption of violence when resistance to Obama’s socialist ideas destroys his presidency.

3. Fear of a large increase in violent crime as the recession deepens and lengthens.

Like so many others, I went out a bought a large amount of ammunition to stock without having a specific reason to do so. I just felt it to be a prudent thing to do. Obviously, millions of other Americans reached the same conclusion.

Gun ammunition a tough find these days

May 13, 2009 Charlotte Sun (Excerpt)

"Fred Wolf can't keep his store shelves stocked with ammunition.
People, it seems, are hoarding bullets.

The buying frenzy started months ago, amid the economic and political anxiety. Even now, finding certain calibers can be an exercise in futility.

At shows, ammo is one of the first items to sell out, said Wolf, owner of Wolf Gunworks in Charlotte Harbor.

But the problem stretches well beyond Southwest Florida.

Online distributors are backlogged with requests for handgun and rifle cartridges. Some manufacturers are operating at full capacity to keep pace, according to officials.

"The demand has gone through the roof," Wolf said. "When people do find (ammo) now, they're buying 10 times the amount of what they need."
The surge didn't happen overnight.

Officials point to the economy as an underlying factor in the overall increase in gun sales.

Yet the mass exodus of ammunition from retail shelves is another story, one many say followed comments made by President Barack Obama.

"We believe this increase in sales of guns and ammo is the direct result of the current administration," said Alexa Fritts, spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association in Fairfax, Va. "If you look at the administration's views, they appear to point toward regulation. We're very concerned."

The rumblings surfaced during the presidential election, when Obama voiced support about making the expired federal assault weapons ban permanent."

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At 4:50 AM, Anonymous Joe Alves Jr. said...

This really comes as no surprise to me. Anyone who was really paying attention to this guy and his voting record would know enough to stay clear of him. He said that he would honor the Constitution and protect our Second Amendment rights. Did anyone believe him? If he told everyone back then when he was running for office that he was going to waste billions and trillions of our money on foolish wasteful spending, would anyone have voted for him? I think that the people who voted for this inept snake oil salesman were too wrapped up in watching "American Idol" on TV to pay any attention to what was going on around them, but do not fear, your president is spending wisely isn't he? How about the 10,000 stimulus checks that were sent out to dead people? One lucky recipient has been departed for 34 years! It kind of brings a tear to your eyes, doesn't it? All the idiots that voted for Obama believed him when he said that he was going to make the top 5% of rich people pay for this humongous debt, but if you do the math, there just aren't enough rich people to pay it off, so guess what? We're all going to have to pay for it. Your children and your grand children will also be saddled with this debt because he's going to raise your taxes. P.T. Barnum once said; "There's a sucker born every minute." America, you've been had! Now aren't you glad that you voted Democrat?


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